Fab The Cover/Fab The SWINTON: SWINTON


I love this, irrespective of my feelings for Lady Wackenhut herself. On a newsstand level, it’s effective: stark, uncluttered, arresting. I don’t know if Tilda is going to arrest some dude, play poker with him, or fit him for cement shoes. And I like it that way. But the cover is just the tip of the SWINTONberg — if you want to see her cacophonous awesomeness in action, click through to see the photos from the interior W spread. They will wreck you like the Titanic. Except in a good way and with fewer sad string musicians.

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  1. CH

    She looks like Voldemort in one of those pics, but still, she’s awesome.

  2. Sue

    STUNNING! Could she be any longer and leaner?? Stunning editorial – cue me cancelling Vogue and subscribing to W.

  3. Melody

    One of those pictures makes it look like “her most controversial role yet” is the Alec Guinness character in a remake of The Man in The White Suit. An impression added to by your caption.

  4. Stefanie

    Im in awe. Im in awe of both SWINTON and the magic that is this post.

  5. Kristen from MA

    I love her because 1.) she is STUNNING and 2.) she is FEARLESS.

    (I saw this cover a couple of days ago, and my 1st thought was: can’t wait to read the Fug Girls’ take. :) )

  6. K Jones

    T Swinton and D Bowie; separated at birth

  7. Hannah

    I found her interview to be very illuminating about her style. I respect her completely. But what is happening to her neck in photo 2? I hope it’s just a photoshop error of some sort.

  8. Sarah

    That is how a magazine cover is done and I’ve been a Swinton fan since watching Orlando back when Bravo was awesome and showed off the wall movies.

  9. A.J.

    My favorite photo was the one in the red, with that little bit of blur where the fabric blew in the wind just as the photo was being taken…awesome.

    And God, she does look like David Bowie. Which slightly confuses me as I love David Bowie. So I love Swinton?

  10. madness

    Indeed – wrecked like Titanic, only even faster and more unexpectedly. How does she pull this stuff off? She is not mortal.

  11. Jordan Goslin

    LOVE the lady in red one. And the Wicked Witch one, too.

  12. Laura E

    It has been far too long since we’ve seen SWINTON. That is a breathtaking editorial, I don’t know if there are any other actresses or models who could pull that off. It’s why she’s all caps.

  13. Julie

    She is just so damned INTERESTING.

  14. Miranda

    This spread has only confirmed my fervent, fervent conviction that if someone does not make a David Bowie biopic starring Swinton, life will not be worth living.

  15. linda

    #3 is lovechild of Thin White Duke and David Byrne circa Stop Making Sense

  16. Lina

    I want to read the novel that ties all these characters together.

  17. Kathryn

    SWINTON Rides Again!

  18. jerkygirl

    I have no idea how to describe this, except by saying HOLY CRAP WOW. FREAKIN’ SWINTON. Those pics are gorgeous, and the photographer really brought out SWINTON’S SWINTON-NESS. Does anyone on the planet do sexy alien androgyny like her? I do not think so. Also, I have never in my life been so wowed by a fashion shoot–I admit that I don’t take fashion seriously, and I really don’t care about it much other than when I read GFY, but these pics. . .I’m really floored by how much I love them and appreciate them as art, rather than just “famous people playing dress up blah blah blah.” I find myself in the bizarre position of considering buying this magazine just to look at the pictures. :D

  19. Lisa T

    I agree with CH in the first post… It’s Voldy!

  20. gladly

    I don’t know if I’m attracted to her, want to be her, or just don’t want to stop looking at her. Maybe some combination of all three.

  21. deb

    I still liked this better when it was David Bowie.

  22. sally

    Beautiful pictures and sublime commentary.

  23. Ariel N

    Sigh. She is a balm for sore eyeballs. Now I must go watch I Am Love and wallow further in her sartorial amazingness. She is seriously striking.

  24. pidge

    @ gladly, exactly. She frightens me, in a good way. She’s *arresting* in these photos, and what an amazing combination of subject, photographer and clothes. Aspirationally arty.

  25. Libby


    Something tells me she likes to be confusing to the point of discomfort. A couple of those characters are gonna show up in a future nightmare.

  26. Nancy C.

    This is what Gaga wishes she could be. Well done SWINTON!

  27. Aaron

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to post this since I first saw these photos on Fashion Gone Rogue. You did not disappoint.

  28. pinkcheese

    Who was the photographer?? I loved them all, but that last photo was simply stunning. Absolutely pure Art, and no other subject could have supported the creation of that Art.

    I think that’s one of the things I like best about SWINTON. She’s a master chameleon. She is obviously immediately recognizable as herself, but at the same time, she becomes whatever image/emotion/idea she or the photographer are attempting to project, and doesn’t overpower it the way another actress or model might.

  29. Annabeth

    God, I love her so much. There is no one else who’s pulling off this kind of avant-garde look at the moment, because nobody else right now has the attitude, intellect and soul to go behind it.

    After seeing the pic of her bald, in purple, I want her to play Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie, which would then by default be the greatest film ever made.

  30. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    Wow! I am in awe of SWINTON! She pulls off what Gaga only dreams of! Still….. in some ways I fear her. She is the true enigma wrapped in a conundrum surrounded by mystery. The Wicked Witch took my breath away!

  31. Carol Hackler

    SWINTON! She can do no wrong. She f**kin bad-ass!

  32. alecto

    Although the plastic-face photos made me think of ET more than Bowie it is still an amazing gift-wrapped package of Swintons.

    (I do sometimes yearn to see her pretty side as in ‘I am Love’ and ‘Burn After Reading’, but really, small price.)

  33. AP

    I think it’s really impressive how she seems to know how to pose to make her body look so interesting, when she’s an actor, not a model. I guess she could have moedeled in the past. I don’t know her life.

    I think Tyra would be very pleased indeedwith some of these photos indeed. Only CAN YOU IMAGINE SWINTON BEING JUDGED BY TYRA? Hilarity.

  34. Space Kitty

    Seriously, I’ve got to know – what is that plastic (?) on her face? Amazing photo shoot* but I can’t let go of that one detail.

    *Of course it is, it’s SWINTON.

  35. Danni

    Sorry to be the pervy one, but HELLO legs on 5… and is the coat made from vegetable celluloid fabric on 8? Nevertheless…

    Apart from the face-film and the occasional baldness I love it. One always gets the artistic merit with Swinton. I’ll have to go find the interview.

    @alecto love her pretty side! Though I think we all have embraced the drama too. :)

  36. JF

    When oh when will we get Fug Girls’ SWINTON! t-shirts?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  37. Kris

    I can only assume that SWINTON’s most controversial role will be a reboot of the Matrix in which she plays an achingly fashionable Neo. I wholeheartedly approve.

  38. Claire

    I love the many comments here that have noticed Lady Gaga’s complete inability to achieve the kind of obscure, compelling, frightening and stunning art fashion that SWINTON carries off so effortlessly. These pictures make Lady Gaga look even more like a deranged prostitute at a Halloween party.

  39. Sandra

    A true celebration of her SWINTON-ness. We ordinary mortals could never wear this stuff, especially not in public. But it is compelling art.

  40. Cat

    She is terrifying, though she pushes the traditional gender boundary lines farther than Gaga could ever muster (without surgery).

  41. Steph

    She’s SWINTON.

    ‘nough said.

  42. sfwork

    Have you gone mad?! Halfway through your slides I expected you to go “you’ve been punked, suckas!” Yes, these are artistic photos but I CAN’T BELIEVE you wrote about that plastic face doodad and did not even crack tiny little joke… Really?

    And for the record, I LOVES ME the Swinton!

  43. Christian

    THIS is what Lady Gaga tries and constantly fails to pull off. Have a seat, meat dress.

  44. vandalfan

    I might have said “Gaga take notes”, but it’s really heresy to mention them in the same sentence. SWINTON is what lessers aim for.

  45. TonyG

    She looks other worldly in these photos. Really, like, she is alien, spectacularly strange. My faves are the smoke stack photo, the crouching photo, the witch-y photo and the final photo.

  46. AndersonicTK421


    I’m actually thinking of creating some sort of bloggy space for people who remember Bravo in its previous Louis-Theoux-loving, proto-IFC-indi-film-outlet FABULOUSNESS. To see what Bravo has become from that auspicious beginning, well… (sigh)


  47. islandgirl1

    Okay AP. Now I NEED to see the spectacle of Tyra judging SWINTON.

  48. eee

    Love her. She’s crazy and brilliant and gorgeous and scary.

    And “Your move, Amber Rose” made me guffaw. Thanks for the laugh!

  49. Jill

    Amazing shots every one!

  50. Victoria

    The SWINTONitude of these photos is astonishing!

  51. Carol

    I’m frightened! Hold me! And can SWINTON come over and scare us some more?! Seriously. BEST. EVAH. editorial.

  52. Carol

    She doesn’t even have to TRY. It’s like, oh Tilda, would you mind putting these on? And SHAZAM! Bad-ass happens.

    I imagine her at home, surrounded by cats, in shorts and flip flops. Giggling at this editorial and all the WOW she just spontaneously produced.

  53. Aria

    I have to admit, I thought the caption read “Fall Fashion HATS” instead of “Hits”…and I was getting really excited…

  54. jennifer

    “Your move, Amber Rose.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  55. wildviolette

    In #7, she looks like an albino ninja who is about to do the dishes. And somehow, she still manages to look wayyyyyyy better than I ever will.
    I bow down to her.

  56. Danni

    @Carol SHAZAM! – hee hee hee

    Think we should always assign exclamations to Swinton images. Like KAPOW!, and just maybe a BAZINGA.

  57. Margot


    These are amazing photos. She is indisputably the most otherworldly creature on earth.

  58. Edith

    She is awesome, and *really* knows how to model. Love her.

  59. Leone

    I love the otherworldly creature that is Swinton. She does so much more than model, which she does brilliantly from the top to toes. She becomes a character in each shot. Each one looks like it could be a still/character from a movie. I’d pay to watch those movies.

  60. Lena Lamont

    She frightens me. Are we SURE she is human?

  61. Lynnie

    @sfwork: I’m with everything you said.

  62. cath

    That last photo… SWOON.

  63. Toni

    If anyone is interested, the photographer is Tim Walker.

  64. CJ

    I honestly thought that cover was David Bowie until I read your headline. And read it again.

    This woman is FEARLESS and I love that about her. Gaga and others act like pushing the boundaries is wearing no pants, but this woman wears pants, wears the heck out of them and pushes boundaries WHILE wearing them. The last photo is so amazing and striking.

    By the way, does anyone know if her eyes are REALLY that color. Seems kind of impossible, but then again Elizabeth Taylor had violet ones and supposedly a natural double set of eyelashes, so you never know.

  65. tracy


  66. Ann

    Man…I think we all needed that!

  67. Kim

    @jerkygirl: SWINTON’S SWINTON-NESS!!

    Yes, that is exactly it. These photos capture her amazing SWINTON-NESS (which must be written in all caps out of respect).

    There is only one SWINTON.

  68. Chris

    But first, one more look at the three-gallon hat atop a ten-gallon vat of Yes.

    …yeah, I think that sums up this spread, this post, SWINTON’s career, and (most importantly) her sartorial exploits nicely.

    Your move, Amber Rose.

    Pfft. Amber would have worn less clothing and more gold body paint.

    Also, is it just me, or is she wearing the same boots that Lenny Kravitz wore once that were like boot-leggings and for some reason I thought he was Prince? And if SWINTON is Lenny Kravitz and Conan O’Brien wanted SWINTON to play him in any biopic…does this mean that Coco is secretly Lenny Kravitz?

  69. Molly

    “Your move, Amber Rose.”
    You girls KILL me! :-)

  70. Emilee

    Wow. Just….wow.

  71. Orodemniades

    Best. GFU. Post. EVER. Also, I love SWINTON, and quite frankly can never think of her without all caps.

  72. The Other Molly

    How did I not know that there is a new Batman movie out with Swinton playing The Joker’s girlfriend?

  73. Tara Misu

    Best. Commentary. EVER.

    And really, who else but SWINTON could have a photo spread like this? No one, that’s who.

  74. yeahandalso

    she has such a great face. She can look so alien and interesting some times, but other times can be drop dead gorgeous (See Edward II from back in the 90′s or Julia from last year)

  75. Dazie

    ooo ooo! A photo shoot with SWINTON and this guy: http://www.millionlooks.com/people-and-events/models/andrej-pejic-viva-moda-star/

    Yes please! They’re both so interesting on their own, I can only imagine what it’d be like with both of them.

  76. deee

    She has a stunning physical presence and energy. The photos almost appear 3D. Swoon.

  77. Nicky

    Best. Post. Ever.
    Thank you. Love,
    Long time lurker, first time commenter

  78. Becky

    Thanks @sfwork, i’m totally with you! This spread was a freak show, spread with pancake batter and plastic face shields, is she AFRAID to be a woman? Trying too hard to be somewhere in the middle-icky.

  79. Nora

    She’s just SO interesting. And I agree with the others who say there’s no one else around who could pull off something this avant-garde. Kudos to the photographer and SWIN-f’in-TON.

    Now that the shoot is over, please box up all those coats and send them to me. If I had a walk-in closet full of nothing but coats, I would be so, so happy.

  80. sparringk9

    This is the muse for the culture of death; the fashion of eugenics, sterility, non-individualism, anti-humanity, disease, and resource depletion. Washed out, antiseptic, outfitted with rubbery gloves, and replacement face (grown on the ass of a pig no doubt) and a neck bound in ace bandage to hide the sutures of Dr. Frankenstein. A plug, like 300 million others to be inserted into a Lagerfeld designed socket. The clinical appearance is like the angel of death -no, the administer-er of death, John Holdren’s frozen hearted minion; a walking hypodermic needle filled with poison but labeled as progress. Not post-modern. Not post-Gaga. More like post-pestilence.

  81. Erin

    There will be some new characters in my nightmares tonight.

  82. GiGi

    @Toni, thanks for the link to the photographer’s website. I can see why SWINTON’S pictures were so stunning. I also think they had a marvelous time shooting them as well, because he obviously brought out her very best. Thanks for my new FB profile pic, BTW. SWINTON RULES.

  83. shebrihart

    Dude, what the eeeffffffff!!! I am going to have NIGHTMARES about these photos. Don’t get me wrong, they’re incredibly artistic/interesting/fascinating and I consciously appreciate them, but my subconscious most certainly does not appreciate the horrors of these shots. And with a full moon coming up to boot. I’m screwed.

  84. moi

    Word to SparringK9.

    Definitely a vision of woman as anti-fecund, a half human/half machine warrior princess for the high tech age, not so much metallic as ceramic. There is no burnishing, her surfaces suck all light and life into a white noised black hole. Terrifying and awesome at the same time.

    Ultimately, though, all this fawning has about it a touch of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  85. minette


    but you know what this makes me REALLY crave? a pictorial with her and the THIN WHITE DUKE: my favorite, david bowie, circa 1976-77.

    can’t you just see them playing off one another?! even now.

  86. The Other Molly

    Definitely a vision of woman as anti-fecund, a half human/half machine warrior princess for the high tech age, not so much metallic as ceramic. There is no burnishing, her surfaces suck all light and life into a white noised black hole. Terrifying and awesome at the same time.

    Reading that was like a bad LSD trip.

  87. Annabeth

    “Ultimately, though, all this fawning has about it a touch of the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    Actually, all the whining has about it a touch of the pretentious.

  88. JanetP

    … and somewhere, David Bowie’s ears are burning.

  89. Veronica

    There’s a becoming emptiness to these photos, a study of the beauty of the void. Isolated and perhaps unnatural, but at the same time, transcendental. Very beautifully done.

    Some of the outfit choice sremind me of Rick Owen. His clothes always strike me as having a disregard for their own shape, even as they are confined by them.

  90. Boxer

    You know what a bad LSD trip is? The Other Molly’s comment.

  91. Trout

    @ the other molly

    Yeah and 70 some odd “OMFG SWINTON is the MAN!” comments are like a Thorazine enema.

  92. Lyn Malone

    We are not worthy!

  93. TonyG

    Just remembered who the second photo [the close-up featuring her green eyes] reminded me of: the cover of Annie Lennox’s album “Bare.” Annie did the photography for that cover. That close-up of SWINTON is definitely a homage.

    LINK: http://images.uulyrics.com/cover/a/annie-lennox/album-bare.jpg

  94. Heather

    Play nice, guys. You can like the pics, you can hate them, you can giggle at them, whatever, but lay off the personal attacks. It is possible to discuss differing opinions without ragging on each other for having them.

  95. delpheena

    in the fourth one, she’s all “YES, Voldemort is dead, but I’M STILL HERE!” awesome.

  96. Jenna Horko

    Can I second Miranda’s Swinton-as-Bowie casting suggestion? Seriously. Wouldn’t mind the Luthor one either. Fabulous photo spread in an artistic, gorgeously disturbing way.

  97. sarah

    i sort of think SWINTON should jack in the acting and make THIS her career – being in amazing photoshoots. so inspirational

  98. urilla

    # 5: Hulga Joy

    Phantom of Paradise, anyone?

  99. moi

    I think we can all agree that fashion is both art and commerce. And that these photos break the mold of both contexts. Certainly, they are artistic. But what are they SELLING? What idea? What philosophy? It’s not enough to praise them because they are different. The question one needs to ask is why?

    I think the sparring commenter above hit something pretty critical on the head about that, in his/her assessment of these photos as a vision of our times and that that vision is terrifying. John Holdren’s frozen hearted minion; a walking hypodermic needle filled with poison but labeled as progress. Not post-modern. Not post-Gaga. More like post-pestilence. That’s pretty brilliant. Again, not just anti woman and anti fashion, but anti-human. Human as both plague and destroyer.

    And for all of you praising the Thin White Duke-esque pall of these photos, if you know your history, you’ll know that TWD was a personna created by Bowie to help him deal with the fact that he was finding himself attracted to the tenets of Fascism. TWD was a SCARY mo’fo. Bowie did horrible things (outside of creating great music) while under his influence—to himself and to other people. He later profoundly apologized for its incarnation. But through the veil of history, we now bestow a hipster cool upon that and applaud its current incarnation in these photos?


  100. emily

    Thank you. Snaps for the reference to Clarence, too. My day has only been improved by this cornucopia of SWINTON.

  101. Annie Q

    I thought this was David Bowie.

  102. BAH

    whether you like it or you hate it, this photo spread is obviously pushing people’s boundaries a bit – it’s both artistic, creepy, beautiful and ugly (plastic face-shield, I’m lookin’ at you) at the same time. I think that’s what great photos are supposed to do right? you don’t have to like them, but if they’ve affected you, so much so that there’s heated debates in the comments, I’d count that as a success. I mean, damn, at least it’s interesting.

  103. Rayna

    Just when I thought I could not love her more………………THANK YOU.

    She certainly is MY ten galllon vat of YES. Art/fashion indeed.

  104. Deli

    WOW!!! Incredible/amazing/fantabulous!!!

  105. Share

    The cover shot reminds me of Data, of Star Trek fame, and particularly the time the Star Trek gang somehow ended up in the Old West. Ah, I love Star Trek.

  106. gryt

    The Thin White Duchess!

  107. Gin

    So why is Gaga such a big deal?

  108. Crystal


  109. kissmekat

    I so admire women who don’t have to be “pretty” all the time. That takes courage. In this, and really all cultures, a women must try to be attractive, her whole life, at all times. That’s a lot of pressure. And tilda knows it. She plays with our accepted ideas of beauty. She says hello to “pretty”, flirts with it a little bit, then chews it up and spits it in our face. I love it. I love her crazy. She IS art.

  110. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    1. Thanks for the ‘play nice’ reminder, Heather. One of the best things about this site is that I can spout off uneducated opinions and not be blasted. Plenty of places to go if you prefer that sort of thing. Also shows you actually read out posts. I am flattered ^_^

    2. I, too, find all the Gaga references rather telling. In someways, I think Gaga must look up to SWINTON as a role model…. the unattainable Holy Grail of fashion/ coolness/SWINTONness.

  111. Az

    Good lord those are gorgeous. The cover makes me wish I were still in fashion illustration class because that would have got me the A+ on my final project that I never did get. I got an A, okay?

  112. Az

    I commented too soon. Actually, it is the last picture in the spread that would have got me the A+. And that picture of her in the red? I would totally hang that in my salon. In fact, I’d hang ALL of them in my salon. And then I’d have Andre Leon Talley and Tyra Banks over for drinks so ALT and I could explain to Tyra Banks that his is how edgy is done.

  113. Mary Jeannine Grace-Harbison

    @Gin, I don’t really think she is a big deal. She would love to be…. she is just like a fashion train wreck I guess.

  114. CJ

    kissmekat – you nailed it!

    Her fearlessness is in her rejection of “pretty.” There is something about her that reminds me of Annie Lennox, and I suppose some of that is owed to the short hair, the “mannish” suits and the white makeup like on her Bare cover, but I recently read that Annie Lennox had a very clear idea of how she wanted to dress when she first got on stage with Dave Stewart: in a suit. Not because she was a lesbian or because she wanted to be a man, but because she wanted to prove she was equal to the man on stage next to her. (I’m paraphrasing)

    And in so doing that, she was rejecting “pretty,” because she wanted to prove something else about herself. That takes the most moxie I can only dream of. That’s what I see here with Tilda Swinton, and though both women have striking features and could easily be “pretty,” I am in awe of both women for having the courage to be something other than, something more.

  115. Fuh Ugh

    Swinton puts the “high” in high fashion.

    Love her. She is magnificent.

  116. :paula

    a) I want those boots and I’m prepared to sell my car to get them.

    b) Daniel Craig is looking a little long in the tooth. I want a SWINTON Bond.

  117. indelectalt

    what the fug is going on here?

  118. Struds

    “Gunplay Boots” – priceless, haha. Thanks girls for the lovely dose of SWINTON

  119. lalavancouver

    The only way I can refer to her is “La SWINTON”….one of the few who deserve to be a proper noun. She is what Lady Gaga dreams of being.

  120. Heather P.

    Loved the boots/society comment. “What am I, a farmer?”

    (Ooh, can you imagine how SWINTON would take down Jack Donaghy? ‘Cuz I think even he would wither before SWINTON.)

  121. Az

    By the way, all the David Bowie comparisons are great because in the accompanying article, she names Bowie and her father as fashion influences.

  122. Hima

    I really do love the cover, but some of those pictures are a little scary to me. Still, I do see the artistic value in this spread, and I appreciate this work in comparison to the silliness that is Lady Gaga.

  123. Hima

    Oh! I forgot to mention I think they need to re-make the Hunger with Swinton. When I first watched this movie, I was terrified and also amazed at the similarity between Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. Swinton/Bowie would be even freakier. Besides, vampires are SO hot right now.

  124. sue

    Wow The Swinton rocks I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Noire

    OMG @Heather P. I want Jack Donaghy to meet SWINTON more than ANYTHING!!!!

  126. jean

    Glorious with a deep sense of fun. Only a fun person could be so silly.

  127. springles

    Dear GFY, I love you (I mean I’m browsing your site from China where each page takes about 1 hour to load) but you gotta stop with the Harry Potter analogies, the kiddies book is clearly rotting your brain. HARRY POTTER JOKES ARE UNFUNNY WHEN USED OUTSIDE OF CONTEXT AND MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A BORING DEPRESSED HOUSEWIFE WHO DRESS AT WALMART AND SEWS UP WIZARDS COSTUMES FOR HER KIDS BECAUSE HER LIFE HAS BEEN OVER SINCE SHE LOST HER VIRGINITY TO HER PROM DATE

  128. tris

    jeez…. she has a kind of ‘other-worldly’ appearance… not quite human.. i did think of voldermort when i say some of the pics lol.. but that may be because of my harry potter obsession… she is beautiful in her own way.. and completely creepy

  129. Shawna

    This concept is so reminiscent of David Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth. It’s creepy. And oh so awesome.

  130. tulip

    I love these kind of art shots and could look at them all day.

    Some of those trench-coat, crouching-in-the-desert pics channel Keanu Reeves. Whoa! I think she does Keanu better than he does!

  131. Angela De Felice

    I bought this issue Thursday night and it’s waiting under a stack of mags on my bed – you’ve just encouraged me to bump it to the top of the stack… sorry Italian Vogue! I don’t know what I was thinking… stark and intriguing I couldn’t not buy it! Perfect activity for Carmageddon!


  132. Mary Jane

    I have an albino friend. Neither of us gets this. Maybe next time she’ll do something in blackface?
    Also, looks like genuine greasepaint on her face. I get it! She wishes she was David Bowie. It’s been done, dear.

  133. Cody

    Okay, so the fact W went with some so ah-coo -coo as Swinton and the makeup they selected automatically gives it a thumbs down. Might I remind you all of Annie Lennox’s “Bare” album art? So, strike one for the lack of innovation with the make up. Strike 2 for using a trench coat made of Trail Bologna encasement…where’s the cracker and mustard. Now I’m hungry. Strike 3 for saying it’s like Harry Potter in the glasses photo, and how dare they portray Swinton as Edith Head. Why did I renew my subscription?

  134. Sajorina

    The only thing weirder and more awesome than this SWINTON magazine spread… is how your mind works, my dear GFY Heather!!! My hat’s off to you and Swinton!

  135. Emma

    I’m so frightened of Tilda Swinton it’s not funny.

  136. Natasha

    I could have sworn that Harry Potter already killed Voldemort, guess there was another horcrux waiting….