Just yesterday, Heather and I were talking about Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick — that they’ve become sort of Garner-Affleckian in how many solo appearances she does. Although I don’t expect Andy to pop up at a Sephora event, it did seem weird that he wasn’t at the movie premieres of That Movie With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston That Looked So Terrible Last Year. BUT! I guess as an athlete, he could have been very busy training? I like them both, so I hope all is well in Denmark, but it always seems to me that a movie premiere would be the perfect event to bring your spouse to — it’s like a work party, so you’ll really need someone there to receive your eye rolls — but, as ever, I Don’t Know Their Lives.

But I do know her outfit:

It’s what you get if you cross a priest’s robes with a beach cover-up and talk about two looks that ne’er should meet.