In fairness to Clemence Poesy, although I could not find in any of our subscriptions a photo of her in which you could see the whole outfit AND she wasn’t making a face like this (like she’s been working in an airless, turn-of-the-century hat factory all day and the cafeteria has just told her that they’re out of profiteroles), there were plenty of shots where she was laughing with people. So rest assured that she is not miserable right now. Well, as far as we know:


Does her outfit make YOU miserable?

  • No! It's divine. (9%, 1,147 Votes)
  • Not exactly. I like the parts, separately, but not really the sum of the parts. (27%, 3,413 Votes)
  • I love the top half. The bottom half makes me want to stab myself. (22%, 2,877 Votes)
  • What they said, but flip-flopped. (5%, 685 Votes)
  • YES. It's AWFUL. (37%, 4,724 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,847

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