Fugger: Wills and Kate

Well Played: Kate, Wills and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Three

In which other babies are met (or, as I believe William put it on the livefeed of this Baby Meet And Greet, per Twitter — my own livefeed kept cutting out and then coming back to a shot of like, a CHAIR, which was not helpful for me from any kind of satisfyingly voyeuristic perspective, like, if I want to see a chair, I can go into my own dining room, people! –”there are babies everywhere!”) For those who care (so…all of you reading this, presumably) Kate’s back in something very Classic Kate (not to mention a very New Zealand-appropriate black and white), the baby is dressed like a baby (in a little romper with a sailboat [!!] smocked on it; more details here from our friends at What Would Kate Do?), and William looks, you know, like William, all blue shirt-sleeves-y and William-ish. Anyway, get ready for some cute baby pictures. I kept thinking I was done downloading them and then…I don’t know. I just downloaded more. I apologize in advance. Look, I just love the cheeks of tiny people. I admit it. I hate jumpsuits, but I love babies. Put it on my tombstone.

(PS: In case you missed it, coverage of day one of this tour is here. You can always find all of our royals coverage in our header, under Royals. All of Wills & Kate is here, in case you need to, I don’t know, bookmark it. I DON’T KNOW YOUR LIFE, and I’d never judge you. I watched a livefeed of a chair.)

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Well Played: Kate, William and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day One

AND WE’RE OFF. Nine News in Australia had footage of the three of them changing planes in Sydney and it’s kind of amusing for a couple of reasons: first, it’s footage of people getting out of a car, greeting some folks, and then getting on a plane, which is simply not that dramatic unless you’re watching Scandal. Second, George is waving his arms and legs all over the place throughout the entire process. Third, and almost best, the news anchors are getting all excited to see the plane change and a bus pulls up and parks right in front of their camera and the whole studio groaned and yelled at the camera person to move.  I don’t know why it tickled me, but it really did did. ANYWAY. At the plane change, Kate was wearing her Max Mara gray wrap we last saw last February (when she was pregnant), while William and George were both in blue and looked like a dude in a suit and a baby, respectively.

BUT ON TO THE MAIN EVENT. Obviously, they changed to deplane here in Wellington, New Zealand, and changing brought with it a pillbox hat! George in a sweater with wee Queen’s Guards on it (I think; the video of them deplaning seems to support this theory)! And William in a suit still! Yes, I DID watch them get off the plane on the livefeed and here is what I can tell you about Prince George and the next 19 days: HE WANTS TO GET DOWN. NOW. PLEASE. DOWN. ALL THE TIME DOWN. He’s also really very cute and seems awfully chipper for someone who’s been traveling for 24 hours. Is it wrong that I might want a sweater with the Queen’s Guard on it myself?

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Well Replayed, Kate Middleton (with an assist from Princes William and Harry and George and also the dog)

This picture cracks me up. It looks like nothing more than William is making some ridiculous corny Dad joke that Kate thinks is cute and Harry just like [silent head shake]:

ANYWAY, these three are off to a wedding this morning — how pretty it looks at that church, no? All the daffodils. It’s very  I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud up in there — and none of that is new on Kate, although I have always liked that coat. (It’s Missoni, and you last saw it at this delightful event where the Queen was apparently hilarious and Kate and William were throwing giant darts at things and before THAT at Fortnum & Mason, where I wish someone would pick me up some marmalade. Underneath is apparently this Whistles frock, which she has had for years [and actually so have I, before I even knew she owned it; thanks, ASOS, for making Whistles available to us here in the US!) I must admit that I have a sincere fondness for Harry's yellow vest, which he also wore to this wedding that happened last year. Interesting trivia in that post as it looks like William's tie in this photo here is Harry's tie there, but I actually think they own matching ties, which just makes me sad that they're not taking Christmas photos in identical outfits; also, Cressida Bonas looks fully insane at that wedding. The bride at this particular wedding is apparently a longtime friend, and her father is an Olympic gold medalist equestrian who once dated Princess Anne. Don't you feel like the seating arrangements at big royal events must just be a complete minefield when it comes to not seating people next to people they used to go out with? Everyone's made out with everyone. Which obviously, is exactly the way it ought to be for maximum scandalous gossip and ergo exactly the way I like it.


It's the new official family portrait, and essentially, I am dead now. HIS SHIRT SAYS "GEORGE."

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Well Played, Kate Middleton in Hobbs and Gina Foster (and Prince William in his dress uniform) at the Irish Guards’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We had a good shaker of an earthquake here in Los Angeles this morning. It wasn’t HUGE, but it was long and it was very close to my house and I swear to you when it woke me up at 6:30 a.m., I thought, “well, I had to get up and see what Kate wore, anyway.” I’m here for you like that, you guys. My priorities are well in line, and they’re royalty, and coats.

Anyway, freshly back from the Maldives (and both of them definitely look like they got a little sun), and back to work for these two. We were talking on Twitter yesterday about whether or not Kate would make it a threepeat with her green Emilia Wickstead coat, which she’d worn to this event two years prior, and the answer is no. As we Royal Watchers here on GFY are only too aware, here’s been some chatter about them taking such a pricy vacation (although they paid for it themselves), so I wondered if she might want to recycle the Wickstead for the appearance of frugality. My thought was that she probably would wear something new, but not exorbitant — or new to this event, anyway — and this coat is from Hobbs (which we don’t have here in the States, so I’d love to know the equivalent) and it’s apparently something like 169 pounds, so very reasonable. If you think you recognize the hat, however, you’re correct, as it was most recently seen at the event I like to call The Great Hand-Holding of 2013. Let’s take a closer look and scrutinize everything from hair to body language within an inch of its life. PS: William apparently told some folks at this event that that they’re good with one baby for the time and Kate drank the Traditional St Patrick’s Day Boozey Toast, so for those of you who thought she might be having a relaxing gestation vacation (a phrase I just invented and think is just really, really terrible, thus I shall use it all the time in the place of “babymoon”), not yet, my friends. Not yet.

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Well Replayed, Kate Middleton

JOAN COLLINS IS INVOLVED. I’m pretty sure you guys understand what this means to me. It’s the best thing ever. Kate appears to be having a really good time, too. I can only imagine she asked her for tips in case there comes a time when she needs to throw a drink in William’s face.

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BAFTAs Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

Behold, everyone else! Lots of celebs skipped this event — no Jennifer Lawrence (she’s filming Mockingjay), no Julia Roberts (for obvious family reasons), no Sandra Bullock (don’t know why) — but there’s still plenty to ogle.

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