I’ve decided I’m going to start referring to these engagements where multiple people are present as Royal Family Crossover Events. This one is, per Informative Caption, “a reception [officially hosted by Wills and Kate] to mark the UK-Africa Investment Summit,” which was today in London. William also met with the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, and the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, this morning. (Separately.) (Harry also took meetings this morning, I believe as a member of the royal family and not just himself; all that seems like it’s still sort of being ironed out.)

As we all know, Kate Has Issues with cocktail wear, but this dress is pretty good to me, which is A RELIEF. We have enough to deal with without Kate rolling out of the house wearing a pleather poncho or something (actually…now that I think about it, that would at least be so out of left field that it would be amusing. Maybe consider distracting us from current family dramz by wearing some really crazy shit, Kate). Her dress is (per Kate’s Royal Closet) this Needle & Thread dress that she’s had hemmed, and the overall effect is pretty glam. She and Wills seem relaxed; on the heels of all the news about Harry and Meghan that broke over the weekend, it is now being reported that the brothers have actually patched things up, and if so, I imagine that’s a huge weight lifted from both the Cambridges and the Sussexes.

We’ve naturally got some video:

Just as a general note: Obviously, emotions have been running high about the Harry and Meghan news, although comments on recent royals posts have been mostly civil even when people are in real disagreement. I’m making a preemptive request to please keep it that way, as it is appreciated. Thank you! 

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