I’m quite excited that Jennifer Aniston won. I am hoping that, once the book is done for good, I can actually cross things off my list and The Morning Show is right up there. She rips into that one line — you know the one; it’s in all the promos and it was in her clip last night: “We are doing things MY WAY” — with gusto, and I’m glad to see her get kudos for it from some other actors, and not just a bunch of nutbars in the HFPA (who didn’t give her the win anyway), because somehow it carries more weight here. AND DON’T THEY KNOW IT. The SAGs are, and I say this affectionately, the MOST self-important of all the awards shows. Here now is our last coverage of the ceremony; we’ll be back tomorrow — as today is technically a holiday, for MLK Day — with a regular posting day.

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