This diplomatic reception is always an adventure for me: WILL we get interior photos? Usually not! But then sometimes yes! But if so, when? What time is it in London? Can I assume we’re NOT getting them and run this post? WHO KNOWS! In fact, I literally wrote a long-ass intro to this in which I assumed we were not getting full-length shots and then I tootled over to Twitter and saw them. Y’all will have to live without knowing all the assumptions I made about the bottom halves of Wills’ and Kate’s outfits, having only seen them from the waist up through a car window. It’s not a huge loss, and I make it up to you by bringing you A LOT of JEWELRY, including a new (I believe?) emerald necklace for the Queen. Never let it be said that a person outgrows the desire for a new bauble.

[Photos: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images, Shutterstock]