Finally! I can check something off my bucket list. I performed a LITERAL double-take at that first photo. Yes, that’s a (great) necklace being used in place of a shirt. On one hand, her boobs are great and she’s young and we’re heading into the roaring 20s again — let your underboob fly! That’s what toupee tape is for! On the other: I suspect a lot of people at this screening also did a literal No Shirt Double-Take. I might have just plonked on a white ribbed tank. (Her makeup, it must be said, looks AMAZING.)

But I really only pulled this photo in the first place because it seems K Stew is also AMAZING at levitating:

Amazon Studios 'Seberg' Special Film Screening Presented by Audi, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Dec 2019

Someone tell Hermione they made tights out of the same fabric they use for Harry’s invisibility cloak.

[Photos by Todd Williamson/January Images/Shutterstock]