The Cambridges must have had a FULL house this weekend, because a bunch of their friends and family came to church with them and the Queen today: Laura Meade, who is one of the bebe’s godparents, various van Straubenzees (ditto), and Rose Hanbury, who is of course The Woman With Whom It Was Scandalously Alleged Wills Had An Assignation, A Rumor I Don’t Believe But Over Which I Would Have Pushed Him into a Crevasse Had It Been True.  (And also her husband, and various other rich British people I didn’t see or don’t recognize.) (And also Ma and Pa Middleton.) (No Pippa or James, because I think they’re still running around on a beach on St. Barts making me wonder if maybe I should exercise more.) Kate’s birthday is Thursday, so they must have really decided to do it up.

ANYWAY, what better way to celebrate one’s birthday than with a great new coat? This is, in fact, how I too would choose to celebrate if my birthday were not in May. Kate’s is GOOD — it’s this one, if you want a better look; it’s sold out and it must not be THAT new; this had to have been a challenging ID for the Kate Style Watchers of Twitter and I would not have found it on my own — and the whole vibe with that hat feels very much like she and Sophie (who is also on a fedora kick right now) have spent their entire holiday at the knee of Princess Anne, learning more of her no-nonsense, unimpressed ways. Call it the Princess Anne Detective School for Young Duchesses, and I could like to learn more.

[Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images]