Fugger: Tina Fey

Fugs and Fabs: The Muppets Most Wanted

Spoiler: Miss Piggy wins best dressed.

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New York Fugshion Week: Day Five Celebs

Today was the day I marched around with a curling iron burn mark on my FACE, because I am that cool.

We were standing so close to Solange at Milly that our hair may have started a conversation, but we chickened out of doing it ourselves.

Debra Messing seemed to be having a great time at Dennis Basso, but she might want to be careful about shouting out her phone number. One never knows who’s listening.

The Carolina Herrera show began with us entering through a Hall of Men. No, really. We assume Dita Von Teese didn’t enter that way because that’s what she does every other day of her life.

We feared for our lives at Alice + Olivia.

Hugh Jackman is pretty damn delicious in person. Thank you, Donna Karan. Plus: bonus Katie Holmes sighting.


SAG Awards Mostly Well Played: Women of 30 Rock

Don’t you feel like they all showed up and sat next to each other at their table and were like, “I thought this was seriously over already. Are we done yet?” Maybe not. I do like to think that Jane Krakowski and Tina Fey text each other whenever Tracy Morgan-Jordon does something wacky.

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Golden Globes Well Played, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

They are really just the best. As we said last year, can Tina and Amy just host everything? Including my life; I feel like Amy Poehler might have something to say about the amount of Cheetos I’ve eaten already this week, and surely Tina would have good man advice for me. Plus, maybe I could raid their closets.

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Emmy Awards Fugs or Fabs: Tina and Amy

I can call them Tina and Amy, right? Because we’re imaginary buddies who like ginger-flavored cocktails and watching Sleepy Hollow and inventing Revenge drinking games and discussing whether the Hallmark Channel is real or just a mindworm that was implanted by The Establishment. And while we’re hopped up on alcoholized ginger — I’m really into alcoholized ginger right now, y’all — and discussing Sleepy Hollow before playing Revenge bingo and hate-watching That Show With Andie MacDowell And Lots Of Cardigans, one of them will try on her Emmy dress for the other two, and I’ll suggest that it might be a hair too tight JUST A HAIR, and we’ll all toast Get-A-Grip Friends and eat cheese and then answer important questions like, “Why is Chuck Lorre?” and “Y’know. What’s it LIKE?” We have a really good relationship.

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Well Played, Tina Fey/Mustachely Played, Paul Rudd

TINA: Hi, Paul.

PAUL: Greetings, milady.

TINA: [Something very naturally hilarious that really can't be approximated]

PAUL: Ha! Yes. You are so naturally hilarious, it really can’t be approximated.

TINA: [Jokes charmingly about how weird it is that her upturned eyeball is visible between them]

PAUL: That joke was charming. And you look great. Leather works on you.

TINA: [Something unspeakably funny about Paul's mustache]

PAUL: Thanks. I’ve been shooting Anchorman, so if I shave it off prematurely they’re going to make me clean Will Ferrell’s grease traps for a month using only sponges made from his chest shavings.

TINA: [She has thoughts that are brilliant]

PAUL: I’ve been working really hard to make sure it looks exactly like you could rip it off, stick it to something, and lift.

TINA: [We can only imagine]


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