Are you ready for awards season — such as it is, and such as it shall be — to finally kick off? Well, whether or not you’re emotionally prepared, here we are. Last night’s Golden Globes didn’t run as technically smoothly as the Emmys did, and also happened against the backdrop of a series of recent scandals at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — an organization which has long been known for being highly corrupt, but the corruption of which was highlighted by last week’s excellent and detailed Los Angeles Times investigation into its myriad “ethical lapses” and questionable financial dealings, and a new revelation that there are no Black members. (Both of those pieces are very well-worth your time, and extremely interesting.) Tina and Amy addressed this directly — Amy also said that many of the shows nominated were “flashy garbage,” which is one of the truest things ever said on the Golden Globes stage —  but the rest of the reaction at the ceremony itself was, in the words of the LA Times again, “muted.” There’s been some discussion as to whether this will sink the Globes as an institution and while generally I’d say that I would be surprised — NBC has a large financial stake in the success of the show, for one thing — if there’s anything I’ve learned over the last several years, it’s that no outcome should ever be surprising anymore.

As a show, last night’s program was….medium. It was beset, early on, by technical issues, and of course the thing that everyone enjoys most about the Golden Globes is that all the celebrities get drunk and make faces at the camera and hug each other during the ad breaks, and we were denied that by the pandemic. (The show did invite essential workers to be in the audience, which is neat and which I bet was logistically fascinating and really fun.) But celebrities did show up wearing things, and a lot of great folks won (Chadwick Boseman! Andra Day! Chloe Zhao!) and I was reminded anew that a lot of actors have accents that I don’t remember they have, which I always enjoy (for example, I definitely thought Anya Taylor-Joy was an American for some reason). Let’s kick off our coverage with a looksee at the hosts and presenters — but we’ll be here all day.

Before we get into the slideshow above, I’ve got some looks from people’s Instagrams for you to peruse. The pandemic has really curtailed the number of photographers allowed to shoot these events, so these are the best shots of some of these outfits, and we’ll be featuring bits from people’s Instas all day.

This is totally fine and not that memorable, which is also totally fine:


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 Maya Rudolph’s telecast outfit is included in the slideshow, but this is what she wore for the red carpet:


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It’s Valentino and WHY doesn’t Maya have her own branded line of caftans yet?????

This is SO glam:

Laverne was celebrating because she’s in Promising Young Woman, but I’m not totally sure why Kiersey Clemons got gussied up? (I’m glad she did, though! Bring us your fancy outfits!)


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I love this caption:


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And this is great on her:

It might have been even cuter on TV?

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