I can’t decide if this was an INTENTIONAL salute to the Princess of Wales, whom Emma played in The Crown to earn this statuette, or if she’s just… really feeling a dinner-platter-size ruffle right now. Anything could be true, even both of those things.

It’s such an odd Globes year — we have had to cobble these posts together from a number of sources — but here, we present the Best Actress and Actor nominees in both TV categories, which include a few people whose outfits we could only truly peep on Instagram. Emma’s full ensemble is one of them:


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She looks like Diana + Ruth Bader Ginsberg + a posh clown.

Elle Fanning wore a slinky minty green Gucci:

I like it better in the close-up than in full (which you can see in the second slide). It’s VERY Screen Siren, which is fun, but the design gets heavy on the crotch in that way I never particularly like because I am projecting, and would not want to wear it myself. No one’s eyes need to be drawn to my pelvis, and certainly not to wonder if I have on a satin diaper. But, big props to her entire styling team for knowing she could pull off that frosty color, and making it happen.

Here is Lily Collins’s full dress by Saint Laurent:


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I love it, even with that bite out of it.

Nicholas Hoult looked DISHY:

And here is Laura Linney, whom we only see from the shoulders up in her Derek Lam blouse, but whose makeup guru provided a metric ton of information about her pre-Globes skincare regimen and I know how Fug Nation loves logistics:

That is fascinating, granular skincare detail that goes to show how much is put into a celebrity’s appearance beyond just makeup and clothes, which makes me feel a LOT better about the state of my own forehead right now (and the fact that the Zoom retouch feature is my best friend). I’m just moisturizing and using sunscreen and eating a bunch of random shit, and it’s so much easier. And hey, that’s a good blouse. Let’s assume the rest of this outfit is sweatpants, the way God intended during a pandemic awards show.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock, Diwang Valdez for Prada, Matthew Welch for Prada; Brad Goreski via Oscar de la Renta]