Onto the Best Actor/Actress nominees for movies. Andra Day was a fun surprise winner — well, I’ve read sterling reviews of her as Billie Holliday, but there was so much buzz on both Viola for so long, and then Frances McDormand picked up steam… and don’t forget Carey Mulligan. So, it was thrilling to see Andra take it, and people were so happy for her. Honestly, it’s a tough category; I’d be surprised if any of the nominees in comedy/musical got in at the Oscars. Viola Davis, however, completely stole my heart in this dress. It’s an LA-based brand, Lavie by CK, whose designer Claude Kameni was born in Cameroon and makes custom one-of-a-kind pieces by appointment. She made this for Viola with input from Elizabeth Stewart, Viola’s stylist, and it is SUCH A BUMMER it didn’t get its due on TV because of stupid Covid. I just look forward to her getting to do another one on an even bigger and better stage someday.

We didn’t get to see much of Kate Hudson, but here’s the Louis Vuitton she wore:


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I’m torn on this. The silver work is pretty, and I think the idea of the belt saves the cut of the bodice from looking too ’80s prom. But the belt itself also sits there like an afterthought — as if the stylist was like, “Shoot, that is too dated-looking, here take my belt HURRY IT’S ALL WE HAVE.” But her head looks great, and this definitely isn’t REMOTELY as wacky as some of what she’s worn over the years. Ahem.

Maria Bakalova has the right idea here:


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That’s a stunning dream of an Armani gown, and obviously I support lounging around with a coupe of Champs. It looks like she’s at… an indoor/outdoor hotel or restaurant lounge, maybe? It looks like the vacation from typing that I want.

I keep forgetting Michelle Pfeiffer was in a movie, much less nominated, but she turned out in sequins:

The style feels Armani, but it’s Valentino. Which is neither here nor there. This, to me, is the pick of a lady who is fairly sure she’s only getting a sliver of camera time but at least wants to look like she went all-out. Very wise.

Isla Fisher picked an Alex Perry dress in an unexpected hue:


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I would not have thought it’d work so well with a deep red lip, but it does. Well played, madam. Nice to see you again.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock, Shamar Benoit (Viola Davis), Greg Williams for Prada]