Don’t get me started on the fact that Sorkin, in deciding to adapt this book for the stage, decided he didn’t want the protagonist to be Scout anymore, but instead Atticus Finch. No disrespect to Atticus, obviously (I reject the alleged sequel to this book entirely), but deciding that he didn’t want to tell a woman’s story (especially a little girl’s) when he could tell a speechifying man’s instead is EXTREMELY SORKIN.  Listen, the show may be very well done — I liked The West Wing as much as any human, and I love some of Sorkin’s movie writing — but I read that tidbit in what is an otherwise thoughtful conversation, and I just had to shake my head a little bit. (I also don’t know if I totally think this book needs to be made into a play when the movie is already so perfect but give it a shot, y’all!)

ALL OF THAT ASIDE: Wow, this show got a great turnout. One of my favorite things about Broadway premieres is that it always feels like at least some of these people just picked out their own outfits for this event — the clothing might have been picked out for them at some point by a stylist (because sometimes stylists help celebs with just, like, helping them figure out what needs to live in their closet), but a few of them looked inside their closet and picked something for this one on their own, I think. It’s fun.

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