Lorne Michaels hosts an event every year raising money for the American Museum of Natural History’s scientific and educational programs, and the SNL cast dutifully attends (Tina Fey chaired it this season). It sounded like a fun party. John Mulaney hosted, and the Jonas Brothers played, and people got to sit around watching super wealthy benefactors offer to match $1 million in donations and bid $18,000 on the chance to watch the Thanksgiving parade from the museum steps with breakfast for 24 of their friends. This is also how I feel when we’re at our elementary school’s silent auction, where people get drunk and bid $10,000 on parking spots. It’s fascinating to watch, but it’s not my speed; the best money I ever spent at one of those was the $25 I bid on a Star Wars basket that turned out to have not one but TWO adult-size onesies in it. Mine is Chewbacca, and I wear it more than is probably normal.

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