I got so excited when I saw this folder of pics called Amy Poehler’s Wine Country — but apparently, it’s actually Wine Country, produced and directed by Amy Poehler, rather than Amy Poehler Presents Amy Poehler in Amy Poehler’s Wine Country with Tyler Perry. This is not a BAD thing, but it made me realize that a female-driven version of The Wine Show that involves Amy and all her pals would be a dynamite docu-series. However, I will also accept this: It’s that whole crew, but in a scripted film about women who take a trip together when one of them turns 50, and it’s coming out on Netflix soon so I can be in Heather’s Wine Country when I watch. PERFECT.

P.S.: In this Wine Country, a lot of people wear patterns. I’m down.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]