I know I’ve spent the last month or so yakking incessantly about how events are kicking up again, and things are (in the United States) slowly inching back to a kind of normalcy and I’m sure that’s getting tiresome — or, as Georgie would put it in the Mapp and Lucia books, “taresome.” b=But the fact that we’ve got Tina Fey and Busy Philips in styled outfits on a red carpet at a film festival in New York does truly make it seem like we are nearly back in business. And ain’t it grand, as Madonna would sing in Dick Tracy. 

I think they both look pretty great; Tina’s suit is adorable and I appreciate that she has abandoned anything but sneakers for the moment. Busy is pulling off this mint slouchy with 87% aplomb and 13% visible bra (which honestly I don’t even really mind). Both women have embraced the opportunity to show off their lipstick again. (LIPSTICK I’VE MISSED YOU.)

But here's the truly vital bit. Which look, if forced to choose, do you prefer?

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