This is for an event that  — per Informative Caption — is called “Storytellers: Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski,” which is at the Tribeca Film Festival, but I think was just a fun conversation between friends who are also famous. I do think Emily is a very good writer (this piece she wrote for The Cut was excellent), and I’m looking forward to her book of essays, so I don’t think it’s too weird that she’s being dubbed a storyteller even if I know subsets of the Internet are probably salty about this. (Aren’t we all storytellers, in our ways, anyway?) HOWEVER, what we’re really here to discuss is that Emily stood in front of her closet before this event and thought, “You know what? Let’s give them a taste of the classics! I’m talking bra top, I’m talking abs, I’m talking mini skirts! Let’s give the people what they want and expect. This time….with sleeves.”  And I’m grateful! It’s been a minute, Emily, I’ve MISSED THIS.

[Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/Shutterstock]