Fugger: Lady Gaga

Fugs and Fabs: The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards

The “Fashion Los Angeles” awards seems mostly to be about stylists, because no matter how hard people try, they can’t seem to make runway fashion a thing here.

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Oscars Fug or Fab: Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

I am not hugely a fan of this, to be totally honest — although I appreciated the passion with which she performed in it — but at least it wasn’t (a) boring or (b) composed of foodstuffs.

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Grammys Fugs and Fabs: Lady Gaga

Am I alone in wishing that she had just sung ONE song for her David Bowie tribute? I love when Gaga just shows off her piano and vocal skills, and I worry the Bowie tribute got a little….manic? But isn’t it nice to know she’s never EVER going to half-ass anything? And goodness knows, her heart was in it.

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Amusingly Played: Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in Saint Laurent

As the world jetted off to New York for its runway shows, Saint Laurent decided to throw one in Los Angeles, aka the fashion capital of Southern California. The clothes apparently had a glam-rock sensibility, which you can guess just by looking at… well, at one of these two.

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Fug or Fab: Lady Gaga at Super Bowl L

This is EXACTLY how I wanted Hillary Clinton to come out in New Hampshire. Guess she’s been scooped.

Lady Gaga


I know a lot of people loved this performance, but it left me cold. I piss and moan practically every year about the National Anthem, though, including all the same boring objections to the way people modify the tune — I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED — so I won’t repeat the regular gripes here. Just close your eyes and imagine the words you have been forced to read so many times before. (I name-checked the Whitney Houston version the other day before realizing I haven’t actually listened to it in like 15 years, so I have NO IDEA anymore what she did in it; I think my subconscious just DECIDED it’s good because she and her voice came to such a sad end.)

Anyhoo: I think Gaga generally has a great voice, but she sounded strained for parts of it, and not as powerful as I’ve heard her elsewhere. She’s sounded better on Saturday Night Live. She also dragged out the beginning a bit too much for me. (You can’t spell ‘melodrama’ without ME.) Interestingly, there is a gambling subplot: Vegas put the over/under at 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and some bookies timed it at 2:29, and some timed it at 2:09. So your payout depends ENTIRELY on where you happened to bet. I am not sure if anyone bet on her looking like a cross between Dolly Parton and Tootsie (the latter reference courtesy of Twitter; I cannot take credit), but if you did, congrats. You probably got rich.

lady gaga

And yes, that’s a bedazzled microphone AND ear piece, to go with her patriotic nails and jacket and eyeshadow. I know this is a LOT of red, but riddle me this: Does the lipstick seem like a cop-out? I mean, if you’re going all in, don’t leave one toe poking above the water line.

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Golden Globes Well Played: Lady Gaga (in Versace) and Taylor Kinney

Oh, Lady Gaga. As I said on Twitter, giving her Best Actress in a Yada-Yada for American Horror Story: Hotel is the MOST HFPA thing to do in the world. That’s not even a judgment on whether or not she deserved it; the HFPA is just never, ever going to resist the chance to do something like that. Rachel Bloom earned hers, too, but a second before she won I thought, “They’re going to give it to her because the HFPA LOVES doing stuff like that,” and BOOM. I have to say, the Globes have a reputation for being a drunken, insane revel, but it hasn’t been that way the last few years. This one was a total return to form. It was ALL OVER THE PLACE, from nominees to winners to production gaffes, and I would not have it any other way. WELCOME BACK, GLOBES. The HFPA knows how to throw an interesting party.

Ahem. Where were we? Ah yes:

lady gaga taylor kinney golden globes

Her reaction to the contrary, I think Gaga also suspected she was going to win, and it contributed to her wanting to look timeless. This is a cross between Marilyn and Jessica Rabbit, and it’s very effective (although, yes, I miss a richer lip). I far prefer a Lady Gaga who understands when to uncork a barrel of crazy, and when to hold back, because it gives BOTH versions of her more impact.

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American Fug Story: Lady Gaga

When I was flipping through photos of events that happened this weekend and spied this one, I literally thought it was some kind of “flashback” collection of snaps from the early aughts:


And I was pretty sure Lady Gaga here was Courtney Love. I can’t decide this if this technically insulting — Courtney Love spent a lot of the early aughts looking great!* — but it’s certainly confusing.

*Thinking about Courtney Love put me down a wormhole of Awards Show Facts (I was looking up when she was in The People vs. Larry Flynt, which was 1996; I would have guessed it was later because I have no sense of time or space) and I was reminded that she won the New York Film Critics Awards for best actress for that part. She went on to lose the Golden Globe to Brenda Blethyn, and didn’t get nominated for an Oscar; that was the year Frances McDormand won for Fargo. This year, Lady Gaga is a musician up for her own Golden Globe as an actress, against Kirsten Dunst for Fargo. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

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