Fugger: Drew Barrymore

New York Fashion Week: Days 1-4

In case you wondered what we’re up to/what people are wearing to Fashion Week.

As for us:

1) We talked to a variety of women about their advice for younger women and other women in general, as professionals, and got some really good quotes, I think, from everyone from Christina Hendricks to Alica Silverstone.

2) Day Two was full of intriguing shenanigans, like The Return of the Choker, and the fact that now Solange isn’t talking to the press, either.

3) We wrote up the Project Runway finale; no spoilers herein, other than what each designer may have showed, because everyone who is still on TV as of Fashion Week gets to show a collection.

4) And Heather waited for an hour outside mashed potatoes — not a euphemism – to talk to (a very drunk, actually, as far as it seemed to us) Jessica Simpson.

5) And I got to chat up former Bachelorettes Jillian Harris and Andi Dorfman about break-ups, and Bachelor in Paradise and WINE. SO MUCH WINE.


Casual Fuggerday: The Daily Front Row LA Fashion Awards

You saw Miley’s and Rihanna’s pics from this event, but here are the rest, and… It’s nice of The Daily Front Row (a publication whose starring role is coming out every day during NYFW with exhaustive and whimsical coverage) to try and legitimize LA as any kind of fashion destination, especially after our joke of a fashion week expired years ago without fanfare, but … I’m not sure how Katy Perry wearing matching pink adidas SHOWER SHOES is going to help.

[Photos: Splash]


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at London Fashion Week, Part One

Including a load of people heading off to Stella McCartney under cover of night.


Fugs and Fabs: CinemaCon 2014

I just looked it up, and The Fault In Our Stars comes out June 6 — so Shailene Woodley will get to sit down sometime between Divergent and that one. Also, I kept misreading this event as being Cinnabon 2014, and boy, that sounds more fun.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Stand-Up to Cancer Event

SO many people came to this thing, in part, I am sure, because no one wants to say, “meh, cancer, whatever” when you get invited to a charity event devoted to curing it. An excellent cause indeed. And don’t worry, Diane Kruger and Pacey get their own post all to themselves, up next. We have to discuss them separately, because I have THEORIES. I also have a theory about the people here as well, actually and that theory is that some of their stylists have mentally checked out post-Grammys/pre-Oscars. In other words: NO ONE IS SAFE RIGHT NOW.

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Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Drew Barrymore

I guess it makes sense that, of all the people at the Golden Globes, Drew Barrymore would be the one who would show up looking like the scrapbooking aisle at Michael’s come to life:

Bless her heart.

[Photo: Getty]


Fubs and Fabs: Baby2Baby Gala

Last weekend was apparently an Event Fest and we’re still playing catch-up.