Drew’s cosmetics business is still going, and I gather from this event that she’ll be selling her wares at CVS. Which, in Los Angeles, means every two blocks; CVS is our Duane Reade. There is one intersection where two of the four corners have CVSes on them. Anyway, Drew here looks delightfully Drew: chipper, colorful, absolutely thrilled that you’re there, even though you’re not really there, and mildly kooky. Objectively, I cannot embrace the pants. That particular shade feels very… medical to me, like the kind of muted and slightly dusky shade you’d see turned into scrubs, or in some kind of chewable cherry-flavored tablet that leaves your tongue chalky. But I like how she livened up the outfit with them — I might have bloused the shirt or worn a belt — and it’s really hard to kvetch about it when she’s out there doing her Drew thing and oozing positivity. I mean, “Hey! You look really good!” as slogan feels extremely on-brand for her, and I just sincerely hope that her five-mile scarf doesn’t get caught in the automatic doors.

[Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock]