Big week for Charlize: On the heels of the big Glamour Women of the Year gala — for which I believe she was recognized, in part, for her philanthropy — she threw a fundraiser for her charity, Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Program (it’s not a classic catchy name, but at least it gives you relevant information?). Here’s Variety’s synopsis of what it does:

Founded by Theron in 2007, CTAOP focuses on African youth by investing in organizations that prioritize and advance their health, education and community support. The program additionally focuses on youth’s susceptibility to HIV and AIDS, a prominent barrier for youth in Africa. In the past year, CTAOP’s program partners have reached 55,000 African youths and more than two million have engaged in the organization’s digital magazine. Theron, who was born in South Africa, began the program to bring awareness to the youth in her home country. CTAOP’s geographical scope extends to sub-Saharan Africa with the primary focus being South Africa.

Apparently, Boyz II Men sang, and if any shareable video of THAT comes out you can bet I will embed it here.

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