My question is probably a naive one, but also one of logistics: How are all these celebs landing opening night tickets? They MUST all be comped, right? Because I got tickets to the Los Angeles run of Hamilton but I had to sit online for two hours and I got a limited selection of dates to choose from (and not as limited as some other people, since I wanted to do a matinee). The official opening night — last night — was not an option, and it also was not technically THE FIRST night of LA Hamilton, so clearly someone ORGANIZED this mass of celebrity attendance. I don’t blame the celebs for taking the tickets — I would take comped seats to Hamilton too! — but it makes me wonder if the Hamilton folks are concerned that they need press for the LA run, which is…probably inaccurate. Everyone knows it’s here, y’all. EVERYONE KNOWS.

Anyway, let’s look at what people wore to THE THEATRE.

[Photos: Backgrid]