I am, to be totally honest, not familiar with the works of Dove Cameron at all. I did not watch The Descendants and I keep thinking it’s a reference to the George Clooney movie of the same name, which always makes the existence of a sequel VERY CONFUSING TO ME. I know she was on Liv and Maddie, which is a Disney Channel teen show, but, again, I am not of that demographic, nor do I live with anyone who is (although I am aware it’s popular, so good for her!). But Wikipedia tells me that her name was originally Chloe Hosterman and I am always kinda intrigued by the actors who go FULL ASS NAME CHANGE in this day and age. Do their parents switch over what they refer to them as, too? LOGISTICS.

But anyway. All that aside: DAMN, this is a good dress. I may not be familiar with her body of work, but her wardrobe, at the moment, impresses. (It’s Oscar de la Renta, and if you don’t think I just fell into the wormhole of picking out dresses for myself on their website, you don’t know me AT ALL.)

[Photo: Backgrid]