As usual, our Afternoon Chats this year were full of great book suggestions, life hacks, suggestions to help me get over being extremely cranky, recipes, and more. (But mostly books, to be honest.) In case you missed any of them, you can always catch up here – but I’ve also made you a handy-dandy list below. As ever, the whole point is to read the comments!

Book Chats:

What Books Are You Giving This Holiday Season?

We Haven’t Talked About What We’re Reading Lately! (Autumn book chat)

What Are You Reading? (Summer book chat)

Your Afternoon Chat: What Are You Reading? (Another summer book chat. I read a lot in the summer!)

What Are You Reading Right Now? (Spring book chat)

What Are You Reading? (This was from April)

What Are You Reading? (This was from February)

What’s Your First Book of the Year? (Mine was Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret)

Travel Chats:

Mid-Summer Travel Questions and Answers

Your Best Travel Tips! (This was post-Royal Wedding, when I waxed poetic to all of you about Global Entry)

Travel Tips (This was our ask-a-question/get-an-answer post, as people planned summer trips.)

All Our Other Chats, Many of Which Were Personally Helpful to Me:

What Are You Watching This Holiday Break?

What’s Your Best Stocking Stuffer?

It’s Giving Tuesday! (This was everyone’s favorite charities and volunteer organizations, and it was awesome.)

Your Most Boringly Useful App (this was useful, and not boring at all!)

Your Afternoon Chat: A Fug Nation Lovefest (This was all of you telling us about the neat stuff you’ve done and accomplished lately, and it’s always a great read.)

What Is Your Most Useful Yet Cheap Belonging? (Mine is this extra long phone-charger, but y’all also had some GREAT suggestions.)

What’s Your Favorite Place to Buy Plus-Sized Clothes Online?

Your Best Housekeeping Hack

Your Favorite Podcasts

Cheering Yourself Up

Related: Group Hug (I was apparently in a bad mood this entire year? That seems true.)

How Are You Watching the Royal Wedding?

What Do You Bring For Lunch?

Happy Earth Day! (Almost) (This was about, as you might guess, the ways you reduce, reuse, and recycle)

Afternoon Chat: New Year’s Resolutions 2018 How’d you do on yours? I had three. The first was to do better washing my face before going to bed (I forgot I even resolved that, but I did do much better with that this year); the second was to exercise more, and I think I accomplished that on the whole but not very well and certainly not recently; the last one was not to buy any clothing at all  in 2018 and hahahahahhaahahahahah I did not pull that off. Although, in my defense, I did very well for about five months. Then we went to the UK for Harry and Meghan’s wedding and I fell off the wagon. I’m back to it, though! (This year, my resolution is to be more financially organized, so that’s really glamorous. I spend a lot of time stressing out about my retirement savings.)

And while we’re here, what was the most memorable book you read this year? I read a lot of great ones (in part because I started really using my library again), and I’m sure I’ve forgotten half of them. Several of my friends published great books this year — Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date and The Proposal were DELIGHTS, for example; Amy Spalding’s The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles) was a treat; Amina Akhtar’s #FashionVictim slayed (pun intended) — but in the category of Books By People I Don’t Know, Madeleine Miller’s Circe, Tara Westover’s Educated, and Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton really stuck with me. What about you?

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