Because I always want to know! For myself, I was up way too late reading We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, which I know everyone else has already read and which Heather loaned me approximately three years ago but which I just got to, and of course it is great. I somehow made it this long without getting the twist at the beginning, so that was exciting.

Prior to that, I have been on a non-fiction spy kick, and read John Le Carré’s memoir The Pigeon Tunnel, which I really enjoyed, and which was an excellent follow-up for me as a reader to my read prior to that, Agent Zigzag: A True Story of Nazi Espionage, Love, and Betrayal, which at least one of you recommended to me last time and which I did correspondingly REALLY enjoy. I also read the forthcoming memoir from Nicole Chung, All You Can Ever Know, which is thoughtful and beautiful and made me cry. (It comes out in October.) I also read another Fug Nation recommendation, The Red Parts: Autobiography of a Trial by Maggie Nelson, which I also quite enjoyed. This is more non-fiction than I’ve read in a LONG time. (I also read an old true crime book that was riddled with errors and I’m not going to call it out nor recommend it but let’s just say that you shouldn’t offhandedly mention in passing a crazy-sounding sex scandal at a local church that seemingly never happened.)

What are you reading?

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