I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to read a boatload of books during the holidays — perhaps because there is a less TV on, and also perhaps because I (usually) have less work on my plate (I did not have less work on my plate this holiday season, but that’s just because I was very very disorganized this year). There is something extremely cozy and delightful about crawling into bed at 9 p.m. with a book when it’s cold and dark out, and you don’t have to go to work the next day. Plus, if you celebrate Christmas, it’s possible you were gifted a good book, or bought one with a gift certificate. Tell us what got the nod in your house!

For me, I have fallen in love with my new library’s e-book selection, so I am checking out all kinds of things and trying them. Right now, I am working my way through Liane Moriarty’s backlist — I’m on The Husband’s Secret right now, which I know was her break-out before Big Little Lies was her mega ultra break-out, and which Blake Lively has optioned (I truly thought Reese Witherspoon had optioned it, and Reese is exactly who I was picturing as the main character, so I am going to have a really hard time making that mental transition). Moriarty is perfect for me at the moment: Her books are so well-plotted and enjoyable, and well-written without being extremely hard mental work. That sounds like a backhanded compliment but I am being utterly sincere: If I read another 900 page novel about the crushing ennui of a middle-aged white academic/bird-watching enthusiast struggling with being attracted to the 21-year-old social-media-obsessed dingbat in his Intro to Lit class, littered with paragraph after paragraph of Deep Thoughts About Facebook or whatever, I will set it on fire.

What about you?

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