As I mentioned previously, I moved recently and got a new library card and my library has e-books and WHOO BOY am I using them. I have been reading the heck out of things! Some of which were awful so I won’t mention them, but one of the great things about the library is that you feel free to try something Maybe Not To Your Taste and just QUIT IT right in the middle if you want. I read through basically all of Gillian Flynn’s back catalog (for my money, Gone Girl is her masterpiece, but the rest of them are all v. readable and Dark Places is excellent [I just learned when I went to grab that link that Charlize Theron was in a movie adaptation that must have come out on VOD in the US and WOW she is wrong for that part, no offense to Charlize, and in fact…all the casting for that movie is really intriguing and now I feel like it’s too late to be able to talk about it. Someone needs to start a website where people who’ve just read something that came out ages ago can unload their feelings.]). I read all of Liane Moriarty’s back catalog, which is similarly reliable. I read The Turner House, on the recommendation of Jasmine’s newsletter, and thought it was great. And now I’m reading The Swans of Fifth Avenue and it’s too soon to say how I feel about it because I’m only 13 pages in.

What about you?

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