Poor Diane. I think In The Fade was something of a passion project for her — she apparently campaigned hard to work with that director, and it was her first German-language film despite that being her natal country — and she probably had her hopes up that it would get an Oscar nod, given that it won the Golden Globe and she won Best Actress in Cannes. Certainly it had the most heat behind it, and yet, it was snubbed when the Academy revealed its short-list. But she’s out at the French Film Awards anyway, smiling in ruby lipstick that matches her shoes, a Snow White book clutch, and this outfit by Monse. And… hmm. There is something cool about it, for sure. I look at it twice, three times, a fourth. Okay, yeah, every one of those times I conclude that it looks like she made potholders to match her blazer and glued them to her belt, but doesn’t she get points for that seeming like KIND OF a handy idea?

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]