I love to know what people are giving, and what people are hoping to get. If you are a member of my family STOP READING THIS, YOU’LL RUIN THE SURPRISE!

Okay, they’re gone now, so we can I talk. I asked for the new GOOP cookbook (leave me alone! I love her cookbooks although I did not like the last one at all) but it doesn’t come out until after Christmas, which is A MISTAKE, GWYNETH. I also asked for the new Ottolenghi cookbook. I’m giving my Dad some of the Kate Aktinson novels featuring Jackson Brodie, because he’ll really like them and I can’t believe he hasn’t read them! (I discovered this when we were talking about what books we were reading and I said I was reading her newest, Transcription, which so far I LOVE. She might be my favorite writer? Anyway.) I just gave a friend this cookbook from the people behind a really excellent restaurant here in Los Angeles. Everyone else is TBD, since I like to go to my local bookstore and nose around. (My local, Vroman’s, has MANY books but they also have very good knickknacks and whatnot, and when I was there on Saturday, there was a clutch of youths discussing fountain pens with great enthusiasm.) What about you?

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