Kaia Gerber won Model of the Year, I think, at the British Fashion Awards… and I mean, if it’s based on QUANTITY then that’s certainly valid. If it’s based on facial blankness, then absolutely. But if we’re talking quality, then I apparently need to do a little more research on her because I have never been blown away; my instinct would be to pass on both her and fellow nominee Bella Hadid and give it to the also-nominated Winnie Harlow, who brings more oomph to every red carpet and runway even when her outfit is awful. She out-modeled Kaia on THIS red carpet, even. ANYWAY. Kaia wore a truly regrettable McQueen to accept her award, and then for the afterparty changed into a very simple but sleekly effective black suit with a cape-style jacket. It’s not a world-beater, but it’s also the type of thing that won’t distract from YOU when you are up for an honor about what a great model you are. In that McQueen, I barely saw her because the dress was heinous. She’d have stood out more in this, with perhaps a bit more careful styling (better shoes, bracelet, makeup that wasn’t from another look). I guess the lesson being: If you’re winning an award for your modeling skills — and she had to know she’d won, because of the nominees, only she and Winnie attended — make sure you’re wearing something that you can actually successfully model.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]
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