We’re at T-minus ten days for the royal wedding, which means most people are starting to wonder if they’re going to stay up and do the thing, or record it, or throw a party, or just crawl out of bed and straight onto the couch. When Kate and William wed, Jessica and I were live-blogging the coverage here at GFY, and then writing it up for New York, so we stayed up all night drinking Diet Coke and passing around a fur turban. I remember driving home from her place at 9 a.m. and thinking, “Well, at least the freeway will be fast because I’m going against rush hour.” Naturally, there was a huge accident and it was at a dead stop. I made it, but not without giving the universe a tongue-wagging.

This year, Jess and I are going to be in Windsor. We hope. That is the PLAN, unless the entire town fills to the brim and they just close it and make us walk the winding country roads, disconsolate. We will be roaming, talking to people, trying to time our Diet Coke consumption carefully, probably inevitably standing nowhere near the good sight lines for the TVs, and frantically waving our phones in the air to try and get enough signal to post something on our Instagram. We have friends who are recreating the breakfast party they had for Wills and Kate, and others who are like, “Eh, wake me up when the pictures are online.”

What did y’all do for the Cambridge wedding, and are you watching this one? What are the snacks, drinks, and sleeping arrangements you’re teeing up, if any? Just FYI,¬†we’ll have an open post on GFY so that all Fug Nationals who are awake can hang out together (and full coverage here later, of course, once we get back to our laptops). We would NEVER leave you high and dry.