So, last year, we had a chat called Your Most Boringly Useful Website, wherein we all discussed those sites you use all the time and which are super handy and useful to you, but which might not have all the glossy bells and whistles.  And it WAS useful! (I waxed poetic, for example, about Still Tasty, a site which tells you when foodstuffs are likely to go bad, a site I use all the time because I’m neurotic about spoilage.) The comments were VERY helpful indeed, and if you didn’t read it the first time, you should read it now. But today, I’m introducing its corollary: What is the app you use all the time that’s practical and perhaps rather dull, but indispensable to you? Mine is called Digit, and it’s an app that analyses your spending and surreptitiously saves random little amounts into a savings account for you — the idea is that they’re saving tiny bits that you’re never going to notice, but those tiny bits add up over time.  Which they do! What’s yours?