Is it weird that I make plans for movies and TV shows I plan to watch over the holiday break? It might be, because I don’t really get a holiday break — we have end-of-year content to write here, and I’ve still got plenty of work to do, so I don’t actually get a vacation-vacation. And yet! I still like to think about the movies I’m going to watch and the TV shows I’m going to binge, and all the thing I plan to stream between, say, now and January 1st. For example, I have some Avengers movies I might catch up on, and I’m definitely going to watch that Blake Lively/Henry Golding/Anna Kendrick movie that Blake wore all those suits to promote, as it’s streaming now. I need to catch up on the new seasons of Great British Bake-Off. I will certainly end up watching something that involves British People Having Romantical Problems in Olden Times. What’s on your list?

PS: Speaking of the holidays, Heather and I have a nice holiday giveaway we’re doing with Kiva running on our Instagram right now, and we’d love it if you’d check it out.