As with so many of our Afternoon Chats, this one is born out of my own personal issues and problems, namely that I am very grumpy today. Some of that is because I feel like the world is a total disaster right now and I am sad and stressed out about it (and OMG I drafted this post even before I read any of the news today!) Some of it is that I think my Vitamin B levels are low (I have pernicious anemia and really need to keep on top of getting my injections and it can affect my mood). Some of it is that I just woke up in a real bad mood today for no actual reason. And so I ask: How do you jolly yourself out of being cranky? Do you exercise? Do you eat a bunch of cookies? Do you buy yourself something? Do you go on a gambling binge? Do you take up smoking? Do you just give into the bad mood and be a real pill for 24 hours until you feel better? Do you get in fights with strangers who are friends with your friends on Facebook? Please enlighten me.