So, Noomi Rapace went to the premiere of Sharp Objects, and I thought, “WOW, is Noomi Rapace in this?!” and it seems that she is not. She has no tie to it at all! She is not even working on a project for HBO at the moment that I can tell, although I might have missed it. I am so used to people coming to premieres for things they’re contractually obligated to support that sometimes I forget that celebrities are also human beings and if someone said to me, “do you want to see Sharp Objects for free? You can wear your hat!” I also would be like, “hot damn! I sure do. Let me find that hat.”

And as far as the hat — and the rest of this — goes…well, it’s eye-catching but I also kind of love it. She looks like she’s the mannequin best friend of Kim Cattrall’s title character of the film of the same name, and she’s WAY weirder. Let’s see that story on HBO.

[Photo: Apega/]