Well Played, Rachel McAdams

There are two things I love about this picture of the back of McAdams’s dress:

1) The expression of delight on the face of that cute girl wearing the scarf. She is so pleased! It’s awesome. And:

2) The actual back of Rachel McAdams’s dress.

The front ain’t too shabby either.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Lina

    This is the first Marchesa I’ve wholeheartedly liked in ages! And I love her, so I’m doubly happy. :)

    • Kristen from MA

      LOVE IT!

      I can’t believe it’s Marchesa! I never like their stuff!

    • Sam

      Totally came in here to say that!
      Their gowns are just far too often impractical tulle/lace nightmares these days. Or prom-dress silhouette chiffon nightmares. Or all of the above with feathers.

      This is a nice surprise.

    • Emma

      Yeah, where are the giant fungoid ruffles, Marchesa? And why isn’t it skater-length, with a vast oversized bow attached to the bust?

  2. Jasmine

    I am SO HAPPY that Rachel McAdams represents Canadians looking like this.

    Thanks, Rachel. You make it seem like we can all be as hot as you, even when we don’t have amazingly beautiful dresses at our disposal.

  3. Crystal

    She is so lovely. Oh, how I wish her and The Ryan were still together.

  4. Lynne

    Everyone seems to love this dress. I do not love it. I think the colour washes her out and the fabric appears to have been created using the wrappings from very posh chocolates. Hate the long sleeves. Pretty much hate everything about this except the fit. Ugh.

    • Jacq

      I’m in your camp with this – it looks like something that a society matron would wear to a charity gala.

      Having said that, I do love her and she does look good (albeit a bit washed out – blusher would have helped).

      • Christian

        Yeah, I’m leaning toward the “no” camp. The color just reminds me too much of tinsel, and the shoes are a bit matchy-matchy for my taste. But she does have a lovely back!

    • Melissa

      Agree – the colour is not right for her.

      And why is Michael Sheen not here for us to drool over??!!

    • ok

      The back is lovely (especially with the pop of red from the Louboutins), but the front? A tinseled brocade curtain.

      • Squirrel!

        As much as I’m not a fan of Louboutins, I love the touch of red they add here. Agree with those who say that that red would have been well played on her lips and nails. As is, she looks stunning from the back.

  5. ortenzia

    she has an amazing back. i am actually envious of it.

    i like her. i want her to do well and be pretty and always look like this. it makes hollywood a much kinder, gentler place.

  6. bdecked

    it’s a wee bit wallpaper-ish…but otherwise, fabulous.

    • Josephine

      It is kinda wallpaper-y!* I was just thinking the same thing. But, yes, otherwise gorgeous, and she looks pretty at-home in it, too.

      *Very, very, fancy and expensive wallpaper, of course. I wonder if I would get less of this feeling if the shiny parts were slightly less shining, i.e. if I were not viewing the dress as presented under industrial strength flashbulbs. This may have a touch of “better in person.”

  7. Simone

    All I can see is Robert Downey Jr. He salutes your sense of style Rachel!

  8. Jade

    Lovely! She is just beautiful.

  9. Ines

    whoaaaa, très chic!! j’adore.

  10. ~Lori

    I like everything but the color. Not sure it’s doing her face any favors. Although maybe that’s the makeup?

  11. Heather

    I just like that RDJ looks like he’s reaching lustily out to her, as if to grab her into the poster and run off with her into the sunset.

    • Sarah

      Heather – I’d watch that movie

      • noodlestein

        Me, too! Intead of Last Action Hero, it would be called Last Romantic Hero and would co-star Wilford Brimley as the curmudgeonly old man (with diabeetus) who helps her along the way to love and happily ever after and Abigail Breslin would star as the sassy little sister. I can see it now.

  12. Sandra

    Can we talk about the hair? Because that style is doing no favors whatsoever for this lovely young person. It lends an oddly-elongated look to her face. Note that I don’t think there is anything wrong with her actual face; it’s just that the hair is way too tall in front.

    • Heather

      I’m so surprised by this post! I saw a shot of Rachel yesterday and was waiting for a fug post – I agree with those above who say the dress is matronly AND washes Rachel out. Not to mention her hair – I was expecting a “this is what my hair looks like after the gym” comment!

  13. Kit

    That’s all done just right.

    You know what else I like about the back of that dress? That there’s no visible spinal column. Those bony spinal protuberances freak me out. So, hurray for that!

  14. Big Noise

    Wasn’t she in the first movie? I thought her character died.

  15. Tessa

    I think Rooney Mara wore this dress in Vogue and I had seen it on the Marchesa site as well, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen the front. Thank you!

  16. Carrie

    I’m sorry ladies, but I hate this dress. Ditto on the sleeves and the color. The fabric isn’t doing anything for me either.

  17. Kim

    I agree with Kit.

  18. melanie

    The hair looks awesome from the back.

  19. Anne B

    Not usually a fan of the dress made out of Christmas-foil wrapping paper, but this is a win for Rachel.

    She’s totally making silver happen here. <3

  20. Louisa

    Rachel had her best hair in that time travel movie. Blonde doesn’t work on her. It stunts her natural beauty, but here it’s hard to tell what color her hair is. So it’s a good thing she really brought it in the dress.

  21. fritanga

    It’s a gorgeous dress and she looks beautiful in it, but isn’t it a little over the top for a movie premiere in LA? She should have saved it for the Oscars or the Met ball, I think. Everyone else at the premiere was wearing what passes for “upscale LA winter casual.”

  22. D

    Like the dress, love Rachel.

    Once while travelling, I met an adorable, charming, funny Scottish dude who was staying at the same hostel, and over the course of a very long conversation, the topic of celebrity crushes came up. He said that his was Rachel McAdams (it just so happens that she is my celebrity girl crush…beautiful, talented, classy, seems very down-to-earth), and that’s when I really knew that he was a man of good taste. Also, I really enjoyed the way he rolled the R in Rachel with that hot accent….

  23. colleen

    I’m imagining that she is either blowing the smiling girl a kiss or saying something funny, meant only to smiling girl, with her hand in front of the side of her mouth. The glimpse of her hand in that first picture reminds me of either a kiss action or a “Pssstttt” action. I love Rachel so…..

  24. sandy

    I would like it better if her lips and nails matched the soles of her shoes.

  25. Karen

    I don’t think the dress washes her out–I think the makeup does. She needed a brighter lip–as Sandy says, if her lips and nails matched the soles of her shoes, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

    That being said, I think the cut of the dress is lovely, but the print is a leeeetle busy. She wears the hell out of it, though.

  26. Geemee

    Covet this dress. Covet the kind of back needed to wear this dress.

  27. witjunkie

    Ooo, I like this. She looks like she’s been brushed with gold leaf. Or, I guess silver leaf. I agree she needs some lip.

  28. Mahastee

    Regina here just gets better and better. LOVE.

    Also, first sequel in ages I have been so excited about.

  29. Lisa

    I love the dress, I love her. I just wish she was in more movies/shows that I could see her in. Well, GOOD things I could see her in.

  30. Sajorina

    That dress is PERFECTION and I WANT IT like yesterday! Love the shoes also! The only things it needs are an awesome clutch, beautiful earrings, another ring on her left hand and red lips & nailpolish…. Ahhhh, HEAVEN!!!

  31. vandalfan

    My first prom dress was pale blue and silver brocade, but it was not an iota so stunning. Yes, it seems like a fancy tablecloth, but the back gives it some personality. However, her hair is NOT working for me, too severe.

  32. ChristopherD

    Dress yes (sexy, fits beautifully – just the right amount of sheer), hair no. BUT please note ladies of Hollywood – this dress is long, has a train, but Rachel is in NO DANGER of stepping on it. That’s because the length is right.

  33. Cranky Old Batt

    I absolutely love everything about this dress. She wears it perfectly. And the shoes are awesome too.

    But her hair?

    Sigh. What went wrong there?

  34. Jo

    It is still too reminiscent of lichen for me. She is so pretty as a brunette too -this half assed blonde is meh!

  35. KelseyA

    I don’t know how I feel about the matchy-matchy shoes though? Not great?

  36. LibraryChick

    Maybe this is what Sarah Jessica Parker was going for with her ode to 1990s lichen? I like Rachel’s version better, but the hair needs to improve.

  37. Amanda

    I’m sadly not a fan. It just looks too old and blah for her. Not horrible, yet not my fave.

  38. DressedWell

    She looks great!! Lovely dress!!

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  40. Megan

    She is so gorgeous.