Rumor has it Emmy Rossum is good in Shameless, or, as I like to call it That Show That’s The Reason William H Macy’s Hair Looks So Crazy All The Time Now:

Rumor also has it that she’s topless in that show A LOT, which may explain why she decided to swing the other way entirely and show up at this event in a pantsuit. Now, I am not actually anti-pantsuit: If it was good enough for Agent Scully, it’s good enough for me (note: there are many things which were good enough for Agent Scully that I don’t want to actually HAPPEN to me, up to and including aliens putting a nose cancer-causing chip in her neck). And I love this color on her, AND I would like to applaud the fact that, for possibly the first time ever in the history of this website, she’s posing with her mouth closed. HEAVENS BE PRAISED.

But is that enough?

  • I hate this. (10%, 843 Votes)
  • I like this! (24%, 1,996 Votes)
  • I like this. But, you guys, it doesn't fit right. (51%, 4,309 Votes)
  • BLAH. (15%, 1,311 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,459

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