Ugh.  This is kind of great. In fact, I might say that I actually love it:

I can’t believe I’m heading into an awards season where I’m going to be to be forced to give The Girl From Secret Life props on the regular. At a certain point, I’m not even going to be able to continue to whine about how ridiculous that show is, because there are only so many times you can point to the fact that it once had a scene in which one of the characters opined that her father was killed in a plane crash because she had great premarital sex (like, it was heavenly retribution) and all the grown-ups on the show were kind of like, “hmm, possibly.” I’VE ALREADY TOLD THAT STORY TOO MANY TIMES AS IT IS.

Sigh. Congrats, Shailene. You look good, AND you’ve shut me up.

[Photo: Getty]