Y’all, I think I might have gotten hold of some Homeland spoilers.

Apparently season 6 finds Carrie Mathison embedded in Oompa Loompa Land.

We’ve been whingeing about Claire’s overzealous tanning/bronzer habit since June, so maybe it is for work. It’s distracting, though, especially because it makes her look like a cross between Heidi Klum and an actual Emmy. It’s a shame that it’s so distracting, because the dress is actually really lovely, and she wore something else really cool earlier in the weekend:

This is Pucci, and I love how unusual it is. She got the shoes and the lipstick perfect, too, and it all jibes a bit better with the sun-kissed glow because nothing is trying to outshine it. So I guess my primary wish here is that she’d held onto the gold gown until AFTER her winter exfoliation.

[Photos: Getty]