I really want to like this, but it has similar problems to an Elie Saab that Angelina Jolie wore not long ago.

That being, it’s not super flattering to the chest. I love the idea of a gold art-deco demi-caftan, but the way it hangs off her makes her look a lot more… gravitationally  touched. And the shoes make it Cheesecake on the Lanai rather than Big Fancy Gala.  I know she’s maturing and all, but this IS a woman who once wore a tulle Marchesa jumpsuit. She CAN go bigger and braver than this, and she’s certainly more interesting and young than it’s allowing. Mostly, though, I’m just sad that so much kick-ass fabric is being wasted on a gown that creating anti-mammarial optical illusions. AND on a night when her former co-star’s chest looked so resplendent. Serena Van Der Woodsen wins again.

[Photo: Getty]