I am unclear who had the brainwave to do this to Camila, but: Her “clutch” was a block of ice. A rose sat in the middle of it, and the idea was to have it melt as she walked the red carpet and into the event, I guess to signify… decay, because the ice disappears? But what this really means is that Camila Cabello had to HOLD ICE for however the hell long it took for her to get through the entry line, across the carpet, up the stairs, and into the museum. At one point she said her hand was freezing. NO KIDDING, and also, not for nothing, that would be dripping all night over everything: her, her dress, her feet, other people’s dresses, the carpet. Are there uncarpeted areas? Because no one wants to skid in a puddle. Frankly, maybe I’m just tired, but this seems incredibly fucking annoying and inconsiderate to EVERYONE and I hope she lobbed it into a potted plant at her earliest convenience.

And with that: metallics at the Met! You know it’s a busy party when it takes us this long to get to the sparkles.

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