Remember last year when Zooey decided that punk = seersucker Tommy Hilfiger (?!!????)? Well, this is Tommy again — which makes sense, as she just did a line of clothing with him — and it IS more on topic, although I honestly think the only way to be less on topic would be to wear punk this year:

It’s pretty? Right? It’s fine, right? I find it incredibly hard to believe that anyone will look at this, gasp, clutch her hands to her chest and note that she must have the latest in Tommy Hilfiger or die, but also she’s not going to get laughed out of town. If you were aiming for “third unmarried sister on the left in a period romance,” you totally got it. (Don’t worry: Third Unmarried Sister on the Left totally ends up with Generic Second Son of Clergyman and you two will be very happy.)