Good lord, a lot of people wore Prada to this thing. Which is crazy because, as we’ve noted, I sincerely think Miuccia doesn’t read the Met Ball invitations and instead just boxes up a bunch of random stuff and shoots it out of an international t-shirt cannon and whoever catches it wears whatever is inside. Anyway, two lovely ladies got outfits based on bra tops, so let’s declare a winner, shall we?

First up: Stacy Martin, best known for the five-and-a-half-hour Lars von Trier movie Nymphomaniac, in which she has a lot of sex with Shia LaBeouf and others.

I like the bones of this. Obviously the sheer top with the bra underneath is silly to me, but at least in this iteration, the triangular bra cups and the triangle where the two sides of the top intersect are geometrically simpatico. But I think you’d still have something delicate and pretty if it were lined, and the color is bright and beautiful. The skirt is also gorgeous. And although the lavender shoes look a little plastic from here, they’re at least not neutral, which would have been the easy choice. Full marks for creativity there.

And then here is The Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie:

She looks like New Year’s Eve, right down to wearing a wine bag you might give to your party host (with a bottle inside, unless you are unkind). There’s a certain… spirit to this? But it fits her terribly, the skirt stumpifies her at that length, and the bra doesn’t do ANYTHING visually interesting other than covering up her nipples. The sparkle and hues of Margot’s are more traditionally “evening,” as are the shoes, but for my money, it’s also the clumsier of the two. I’m giving it to Stacy. And not just because she deserves a reward for spending all that time with Mr. LaBeowulf (my favorite device for remembering how to spell his surname: write “Beowulf” and then remove the superfluous letters) during his Crazy Period, although that’s certainly fair to consider.

But what will Fug Nation decide? And yes, I'm totally making you pick one.

  • Stacy's is better (94%, 3,946 Votes)
  • Margot's is better. (6%, 238 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,184

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