Well, it’s a slow Friday, and we’re all winding down right about now, dreaming of our first cocktail of the night. So this one’s for all you Doctor Who lovers out there.

Let’s get the dress out of the way: I quite like the shiny, textured bits, but they’re laid over mesh, and then the sleeves seem to belong to a different dress altogether; I wish we could take the all the Bits and make a proper fabric out of them and try THAT on for size. Also, she needs some lip color; I’m going to give her a pass on the bracelet malarkey because we can’t see her left arm, as she is busy wearing her former co-star as an accessory. (We should probably discuss that tagline, though, and whether we think someone pitched this movie by saying, “What if the Harry Potter Mirror of Erised… WAS EVIL?”)

Anyhoo: I was trying to figure out if these two chipper youths are dating, and only came up with: a) the EP warned them against it while they were on the show; b) the fan base deeply seems to WANT them to be removing each other’s pants, and c) their Wikipedia pages have been scrubbed of any personal details. So let your Spidey Senses run wild in the comments, Fug Nation. Call it a Friday Fan-Fic, if you like.

But the dress:

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Total Voters: 3,321

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