I am sure you all have a countdown clock ticking away the hours until Wills and Kate and George head off on their Australia/New Zealand trip — that’s Monday, and I am excited — but until then! We have a Queen giving booze to the Pope, Prince Harry cavorting with school children, statues being unveiled, dolls being hauled out of storage, people getting out of taxis, sequins, turbans, and, most noteworthy of all, Princess Charlene hugging Prince Albert. I KNOW.

Additionally, we of course covered the new family photo from the Cambridges (although I might have tossed it in here again too because I am all about that baby), and William/Kate/Harry attending a wedding this past weekend, ICYMI.

We also pitted Prince George against Princess Paris Hilton in this week’s Who Wore It Best (I am pretty sure you will be able to guess who took the honors).


– Popsugar did an interesting bit on the evolution of the portraits of the British Royal Family.

–This interview with Kate’s brother, James Middleton, has EVERYTHING. Please read it. It is hilarious. I am not even kidding. For example: ” “When people look at them they say, ‘what are they?’ And you say, ‘they are marshmallows.’ And they say, ‘No way. Those are marshmallows?’ So there’s a dialogue that starts to happen.”‘ Yes. He has a marshmallow company. And it begins dialogues.

– Getty has photos from the Diana/Charles/Baby William Australia tour. It’s interesting; we’ve been seeing a lot of those pictures in the last few days (and will surely see more in the next week) and it’s hard to judge accurately given how much we know in hindsight, but gosh, in a lot of them (not the ones in that post exactly) Diana looks so wistful. Anyway.

Katie Nicholl over at Vanity Fair has a good primer on the trip. Don’t worry. We will be ALL OVER IT. I will forgo sleep for hats! DO NOT DOUBT ME.

– Speaking of ME, I collect royal commemorative mugs and I have been Instagramming them and you’ve been showing me YOUR swag on Twitter and it’s been a delight. ANYWAY, I rounded up all my mug shots (har) here.

– Royals correspondent Victoria Arbiter wrote an interesting piece on what it was like to live at Kensington Palace when she was a girl. (Royal Central)

[Photos: Getty, WENN, Pacific Coast News, and Jason Bell]