Well Played: Carrie Underwood in Rubin Singer


The short version is: I love it.

Carrie Underwood Samsung Hope For Children Gala

The long version is: Has she changed stylists? Because she seems to be moving away from Blonde Sparkle Pony into stuff that’s more interesting, if not always successful — although this one totally is and as a cruel bonus, I want her shoes. I can think of any number of starlets who should be green that they didn’t get this first, Lea Michele among them, and in fact, I wish her duet partner Miranda Lambert would go for something like this instead of the monochrome, tight, and plunging rut she’s in right now. So well played Ms. Underwood, you have beaten many a lady to the punch. Although… is the one side of the skirt actually shorter than the other, or is it an optical illusion? WAIT. NO. I’m going to stay strong and see no evil here, because it’s entirely too early in my day for my affections to be rebuffed. I haven’t even had a Diet Coke yet.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1.  fiatluxury

    yeah, asymmetrical hemline sphincter ipswitch words goddamn! however, she still looks way better than usual, and tip o the hat to Sparkle Pony, which will always make me think of Chris Kluwe now. http://www.becauseiamfabulous.com/2014/06/carrie-underwood-wearing-rubin-singer-samsung-hope-for-children-gala-2014/

  2. ohsohappy

    Sorry to burst your bubble, because she looks soooo good here, but the hem IS slanted. It is parallel to the top of the dress. I think that feature actually works on this dress. She looks absolutely wonderful! Yay for the new stylist!

    • gryt

      I think the asymmetric hemline is fab!! It makes the dress so much more interesting. And it makes it feel kind of couture. I dig it.

  3.  Anita

    I can deal with the asymmetrical hem — especially since it echoes the top of the dress — because this is such a step up from her usual boredom. Kudos, also, to what appears to be a darker blonde than she usually sports.

  4. aemom

    I love all of it except that brown clutch does not work AT ALL

    •  CremeBrulee

      The clutch might be metallic? Agree that it’s not really working, though.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      This prompted me to look more closely at the clutch, and there’s a reflection of her hand gripping it, in the metallic part, that looks hilariously like a grimacing face!

      Now I can’t help but love it.

  5.  ShannonTX

    I just can’t sign off on the asymmetric skirt. It looks like she caught part of it in her pantyhose. Other than that, I like everything here!

  6. bottleredhead

    Love the dress and shoes, but makeup appears to have been applied with a trowel.

  7. Sandra

    I hate the asymetric hem. I know it echoes the neckline, but that was a repeat this chorus didn’t need.

  8. Sue C

    I’d normally have OCD-lite fears about these patterns not matching up and ending up looking wonky, but I think this dress fits great and looks really awesome.

  9. sahanabanana

    She always looks like a Barbie doll, but this is Barbie-reminiscent without being too cloying and foofy (which is her usual shtick, mostly).
    Is her hair slightly darker? It’s working well!

  10. Jen S. 2.0

    This dress is making me a little bit dizzy, but she’s selling it. I think I’m coming down on the side of yes.

  11. Bella

    Looks like it was cut and sewn crookedly. What’s wrong with symmetry? But I do like her hair darker.

  12.  HelenBackAgain

    As usual with Underwood, I hate her heavy makeup, which is also in all the wrong colors for her, but everything else here is aces by me. I love the asymmetricality matching itself in neckline and hem, the dress is a great fit, and it’s interesting and different.

    Good jewelry (little big on the earrings maybe), and I think those are just the right shoes for the dress – they have some interest to them, but they don’t compete with it. Love the softer, closer to natural hair color.

  13. Holly

    Agree she looks good and more modern-fashion forward here. Also great is the darker blonde and softer makeup, nary a spackle in sight. She usually does newscaster-level makeup.

  14.  Sharon

    She looks better here than she does usually, so, I will give her some Fug Nation approval. Even with the odd hemline, for her it is a start.
    But, I still do not forgive her for the way she looked when she sang with Miranda on the CMA awards.
    She is going to have to be very good for quite a while to get me to forget that stuff.

  15. Jenz

    Blonde Sparkle Pony… BWWWHAHHAHAHA

  16. Megan

    She looks short, but maybe she is? I don’t know. It is a great, cool dress though. And I agree that the hair and the makeup are also improving. I can almost see her face under it now.

    I know you have to spackle it on pretty hard for the cameras, but she is pretty much the platonic ideal of a pretty blonde and she really doesn’t need so much capital-F Foundation.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think she’s about 5’2″, 5’3″ maybe? But the proportions here are perfect on her; it’s the photo angle that’s foreshortening the whole affair.