The short version is: I love it.

The long version is: Has she changed stylists? Because she seems to be moving away from Blonde Sparkle Pony into stuff that’s more interesting, if not always successful — although this one totally is and as a cruel bonus, I want her shoes. I can think of any number of starlets who should be green that they didn’t get this first, Lea Michele among them, and in fact, I wish her duet partner Miranda Lambert would go for something like this instead of the monochrome, tight, and plunging rut she’s in right now. So well played Ms. Underwood, you have beaten many a lady to the punch. Although… is the one side of the skirt actually shorter than the other, or is it an optical illusion? WAIT. NO. I’m going to stay strong and see no evil here, because it’s entirely too early in my day for my affections to be rebuffed. I haven’t even had a Diet Coke yet.

[Photo: Splash]