Unfug It Up: Lily Collins


Okay, get ready to tell me that I’m nuts: I like this dress.

Seriously! That’s not sarcasm. I’m not joshing, or pulling your leg, or yanking your chain, or tugging your necktie, or towing your car (I just made those two up). I actually do like it. I think it’s sassy and fun.  I just want to slice the sleeves off and put her in some boots. But who cares about me? What would you do to it — if anything? Hold forth in the comments. (And enjoy my kindness while it lasts, Lily Collins, because I am going to be super snarky about Mirror Mirror, I promise you that. HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? IT’S TERRIBLE.)

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. wordphreak

    You’re nuts. The dress is awful. And the tights/shoes combo is heinous. It’s even more heinous combined with the dress.

  2. Kristin

    I don’t love the dress, but if you want to improve the overall look, lose the black tights and get some shoes that don’t look ones I wore to my eight grade semi formal. Bows? Really?

    Lose the tights, cuter shoes (maybe in pink or gold?), and for god’s sake, brush your hair.

  3. Sandra

    The sleeves definitely have to go, along with tights and shoes. And what is that blue business at her throat? But I do kinda like the dress as well.

  4. Jan

    Ok, for the second time in recent weeks, I feel a need for an intervention.
    You. cannot. be. SERIOUS. It looks as if she wrapped various random net produce bags around herself after coloring them with Sharpies.

  5. Karen

    You’re right. You’re NUTS.

    And I say that with love.

    The sleeves don’t belong with the dress, the tights don’t belong with the shoes, and none of it looks good together.

    That dress pattern looks like a terrible bargello needlepoint belt I made back in the 1970s:

    And it looks like the whole thing has decided to go into convulsions around her waist.

    MAJOR fug.

    • ChristopherD

      Um, I don’t want to say you are nuts Jessica, that would be mean, but… ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?
      No, no, no, no no!
      You could possibly (just possibly) make an ok dress out of this material,
      but Blue Collar, Lace sleeves, draggy hair, bad eyebrows, terrible tights, ugly shoes and a dress style that does NOTHING for her…
      What is there to LIKE here?

  6. Caroleena Stantonova

    You really are, y’know…you’re nuts!

  7. Eliza Bennett

    I have a serious missoni and missoni-adjacent addiction, so I too am in like with the dress. I vote no hose and prettier shoes (Oohh, how about the hot pink Versace for H&M shoes?) I despise the sleeves and the neckline. I think it would be fab if this were strapless or spaghetti strapped with a sweetheart neckline and her hair was better. (Seriously, what the front door is up with her head?)

  8. vandalfan

    Nuh-UH, she’s looking quite good! Just swap the stockings for more sheer dark hose and swap the horrid little flats for some understated black pumps. Then push your pretty hair out of your eyes, miss, and the resleeve-ectomy.

  9. vandalfan

    (Sorry, I was mesmerized by the thought of RICKMAN in this play and posted prematurely.)

  10. Gina

    Maybe the sleeves wouldn’t even be so bad if you lose the blue collar and the tights and shoes. The body of the dress itself is kind of cute, I think.

    • Fuh Ugh

      Yeah, what is going on with that collar? Or, those collars? It looks like she is wearing a blue button down under it. Fix that please. And dump the tights. I don’t hate this either, but it does need some help.

  11. Amy

    Lose the sleeves and the black tights, get a cute pair of high heels in a colour or black, and do something about the hair. Other than that, is that a blue collar on the dress? If so, get rid of that too.

  12. Jasmine

    I am totally on board with this dress once the sleeves have been chopped. Also get rid of those tights and AWFUL shoes. I agree with a funky pair of boots, or maybe a cute yellow or black pump.

    Somehow I feel like the sleeves are making her face way too pale for her arms… or maybe her face is actually too pale for her arms. Whatever, I don’t know her life.

  13. Hel

    I really like it too! Even with the black tights.
    But yes, lose the sleeves and the blue collar-thingy and change the shoes and the bag.

  14. celia

    I cannot stop looking at her eyebrows. I am a pregnant, SAHM and MY eyebrows look better than hers. I can’t decide about the outfit. I was thinking maybe I would like it in silk, but the tights and shoes must go. That is a whole lot of a LOT. Like…. she just got a part time job doing henna painting at the strip mall?

  15. Jayess

    She needs some serious brow work! You could hide a baby in there.

    And the whole look is hideous……..

    • Karen

      That’s IT! That’s who she reminds me of: the unibrowed baby who menaces Maggie Simpson.

    • G

      The clothes are hideous but she’s got beautiful eyes and excellent eyebrows. If only she would comb her hair…

  16. thrudur

    off with the sleves and the tights! bring be the red hair! why doesn’t anyone appreciate red hair?

  17. Mongerel

    Re the trailer: Sooooo convinced this is Snow White, the Fairest of Them All. *eyeroll*

  18. Katie

    I’d lose the waist-sash element (I can’t tell if it’s part of the design or a scarf she tied around her. Either way, ditch it) and get rid of the royal blue collar. I could do without the sleeves, but leaving them isn’t the end of my world. And I actually like the shoes (as someone who can’t wear heels, seeing celebrities out and about in sensible shoes brings me unending joy) and the way they go with the tights, which are both weather appropriate.

  19. Carol

    The only way to unfug this dress is to get another dress … and lose the tights with the beige shoes … and I agree with earlier comment on eyebrows … can you spell M-A-K-E-O-V-E-R?

  20. Sarah

    I can’t take any of this…the eyebrows have been wearing on me since Abduction. I have eyebrows that need plucking so I understand, but I would not walk out of the house let alone out in the public eye with these as is. There’s au naturel and there’s neglect. And I agree about the hair…please brush. As far as the dress goes, it may be okay sleeveless and without the black tights and the horrific shoes. The purse (what I can see of it) looks wretched as well. I am not sure why people think that black tights + light shoes = success but it almost never works. And the trailer for her Snow White looks absolutely awful. At least the Evil Queen owns a brush…and tweezers.

  21. Popcouver

    I’m close to Lily’s age and I would wear this outfit with boots and a cardigan to class or out for drinks. For a red carpet, I’m not so sure… Maybe hack off the sleeves, lose the tights, and throw on some chunky brown heels?

  22. Geemee

    I love the dress, INCLUDING the sleeves, but I think I had those shoes back in 1989. They must go. High-heeled black Mary Janes?

  23. anny

    My theory is that that random blue thing around her neck is actually painter’s tape holding her head on, and she’s keeping the bag handy to carry it around in should the unthinkable happen.

  24. Miranda

    I like the dress too! I also want to lose the cobalt blue part around her neck. I agree re: boots.

    Also, wash her hair and slap on some lipstick? Or some kind of color in her face, I dunno.

  25. Lina

    This outfit is terrible, but SHE is cute as a bug.

  26. Cecily

    PLEASE do a Fug the Fromage for Mirror Mirror when it comes out!!! I would pay considerably more money to read that than I would to see the movie.

  27. Mahastee

    I think it’s cute – change the shoes to a higher heel in a bright colour and it’s done.

  28. valeria

    Forget the dress: why, why, WHY !!! would anyone pair black hosiery with this dress and those shoes ???

  29. TonyG

    The pattern on the dress seems straight out of the kindergarten primer on how to make turkey feathers. This is, I must say, horrid. The only thing I like is the royal blue collar. Let’s start with that and scrap everything else.

  30. Rockon

    Nice Dress, Thanks for sharing this picture.

  31. NYCGirl

    Like most people said, get rid of the collar and sleeves. And change the neckline, maybe to a scoop,

  32. ChaChaHeels

    Okay, there’s Missoni, and there’s the old deathless hand-crocheted acrylic afghan that’s been the cozy on the basement couch for as long as you could remember. That’s what this dress is made from, plus a too-small blue shirt buttoned up to the chin, layered underneath. What am I missing? Is this monstrosity some supposedly envelope-pushing, nine-figure dollar value couture item? Because even then.

  33. rb

    it’s not missoni. it’s misery.

  34. Sajorina

    You are not crazy, GFY Jessica… I like it too and would wear it myself, but with pattent leather or suede black pumps!

  35. Kelly

    Never EVER should dark tights or hose be worn with light coloured shoes. I hate that so much and I can’t look past that to see the rest of this outfit – sorry. That is the number one sin in my fashion book.

  36. anonymoose

    yer right, the dress is good! especially on her. it just needs some tall black leather boots, instead of those horrid things she has on her feet with those tights.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Just ditch those hideous black tights.