I think Blake Lively got her social schedule backward. She should have worn this to the Gossip Girl party…

… and saved Peacock Sugarbritches and the Magna Cum Laude for this Lady Gaga event at Barney’s, at which she could probably have worn three actual high-school graduates along with their tassels and everyone would’ve said, “Well, it’s Gaga Night, so that’s actually very restrained and wise.” Not that the blue suit positively screams Gossip Girl, but it does at least say, “My, how I’ve matured in 100 episodes or less.” Let’s start with the cons: The shoulder detail makes me a TOUCH concerned she’s going to grab a microphone and bust out some Barbara Mandrell covers, Violet Beauregard has about three of these in her closet at home, and mayhap the trousers don’t like her crotch. But I don’t know — something about it also works for me. Like she’s trying to be a shade more SWINTON than showgirl.

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